Avondale, New RPG

Part of a new begining… at AVONDALE!

Avondale is a completely new and innovative concept in original Historically Based Role Playing Games.

Age Range: Adult (17+)

It’s 1901 and the world is entering a new century. It’s a time of rapid growth and expansion; a time of industrialization and commerce — of waves of immigration to the land where “the streets are paved with gold”. The United States has just engaged in it’s first “foreign war” and has suddenly found itself with an unwanted and unwelcome “colonial empire” and comittments to far-away places and peoples. It is a time of transition in which old meets new. TR is in the White House and Queen Victoria is on the throne. Isolation is ending but the United States is still far from being a “global” power.

Avondale is a quintessential small town on the verge of becoming a city. Telephones, electricity, indoor plumbing and automobiles are all “new” and  there are still far more horses and buggies on the streets than cars. Television, radio are still unheard of and the “movies” area mere novelty. The west is still “wild”. There are only 46 states in rhe Union.

The citizens of Aavondale are faced with adapting to a way of life that is strange, new and yet strangely compelling. They stand on the brink with a foot in two very different worlds. Some of the children born in Avondale this year will live to see man walk on the moon — yet remember a time when there was no such thing as an airplane.

The “Victorian Age” is fading and the “new morality” of the early 20th century is coming and coming fast.

If you don’t like the way “history” turned out, come to Avondale and help make the world the way you’d like to see it.

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