Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

My Experience With Fasting

I have been incorporating fasting in my spiritual life with great success. Historically it has been utilized for thousands of years. Hippocrates, Socrates, and Plato all recommended fasting for health benefits while Moses, Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi fasted for spiritual growth, which was what I was looking to gain from my own experiences with fasting. I did not view my fast as a means of dieting nor did I view it as self-punishment for “sinful” or “bad behavior” instead I was using it as a means to heighten my own connection with deity.

During this period I abstained from food but still consumed fluids to satisfy my thirst. I allowed my body to devote itself to self-healing; repairing and strengthening any damaged organs, as well as, cleanse my cells of toxins that might have accumulated. As my body went through its detoxification I felt more attuned with my spiritual and emotional self. I was able to be in a vibration where I could receive any messages and guidance from Spirit. Meditation, energy healing, divination along with other spiritual practices had more impact in my life during my fasts as I felt more calm and serene.

My first fasting experience was around the New Moon in January and lasted for 36 hours. During this time I abstained from all food and drank only water. I scheduled spiritual activities such as; meditation, prayer, spell craft, energy work, Reiki healing and divination. At the end of the fast I felt more connected to deity and more focused on spirituality. I knew that this wouldn’t be my last fasting experience and looked forward to the next time.

My next fast was at the beginning of July around the New Moon. This time I fasted for 74 hours. Again I abstained from solid foods but consumed one medium sized mug of black coffee each day so that I wouldn’t experience caffeine withdrawal headaches, which would have distracted and derailed me from my goal. I also consumed a cup (8 ounces) of chicken broth along with unlimited amounts of electrolyte water.

My intention with this fast was to reconnect with deity. I felt that I had allowed myself to be influenced by the negativity of others around me. I intended to use this time to refocus on my own personal goals and intentions. During this fast I didn’t have any set activities planned other than mediation, contemplation and writing. I did do Tarot Readings for others during this time and felt that I had a stronger and clearer understanding of the messages I received. The experience was amazing.

At this writing, the next fast I have planned is the last week of July. It will be a 7 day fast. Due to the duration of the fast I will be consuming juice and water and if need be broth. Depending on the outcome I may incorporate a 7 day fast as a monthly occurrence scheduling it around the New Moon. I feel it will benefit my spiritual growth connecting me to deity in ways I have just barely begun to experience.

In my opinion everyone would benefit from fasting. Our society caters to instant and easy gratification which in and of itself is not a terrible thing however, it allows us as human beings to focus on ego and physicality while our higher and more spiritual selves tend to become lost and disconnected to our whole self. Fasting provides a way to reconnect and refocus to help maintain the balance we so desire whether we realize it or not.

Namaste, my friends. Many blessings of abundance, joy and love.