Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

The phrase “in perfect love and perfect trust” is used when entering Circle (for ritual, healing, magick or other reason). When we utter that phrase we are stating that we have an unconditional love and trust for all who are present with us within Circle. And that includes ourselves. We are able to set aside our ego or physical self so that we can tap into Universal Source or the group mind of the coven during Circle – a time when we are between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow meet as one. It assures us and others who are with us that while we are within Circle we are safe to be intimate and vulnerable. This can only be done with those with whom you trust completely.

“Perfect love” is defined as divine love or agape. It is righteous, good and non-sexual. It is the love of The Goddess and The God; the love for the sacred being that each of us hold within us and that is connected to all that is living as well as The Divine. It is unconditional and understands what lies beyond our physical human manifestation within our Higher Self. It is impossible to attain perfect love until you’ve attained self-love. If you do not love the sacred being that you are then truly how can you love the sacred being within another? While it is true that we all live on this planet within this society and are constantly dealing with the positive and negative forces of this physical plane, we must not forget that we are co-creators and are continually manifesting our own reality. You see, we all were created from The Divine and will return to The Divine. To love yourself is to love me and to love me is to love yourself. And you have this amazing ability to do so perfectly. You just need to believe that you are able.

I am sure you’ve heard and perhaps used the phrase, “Well, I love him but I don’t like him.” At first it may sound like a positive thing to say, but honestly it isn’t. It is an example of love with conditions. It is not perfect love. It illustrates a love that hesitates and holds back. Perhaps the individual who uses this phrase has understandable reasons for withholding their love. I’m not writing this to judge whether or not that is true for anyone. What I am explaining is that the phrase is just not perfect love in any perspective. Perfect love states,  “I love him. I love him for the sacred being that he is. And I like that sacred being.”

So what is “perfect trust”? Well, perfect trust blossoms from perfect love. It is assurance that those we share Circle with have the ability, the strength and the confidence of someone we desire to be intimate with. They are honest, truthful and follow through with their words. Trust involves giving of ourselves, taking risks and bonding with those who stand with us. Lacking confidence in our abilities or the abilities of others or being afraid is not trust in any form. Perfect trust – flawless trust is something that is built over time with experiences and interactions with the ones we work with in Circle and this includes ourselves.

So when I recite, “I enter the Circle in perfect love and perfect trust.” I am sure that I believe what I am saying and if I find that I do not, then I reflect and contemplate on the relationships that I have nurtured with those in Circle with me and take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation immediately. I do this in a way that works for me so that I can stay true to my authentic self.