Wiccan Basics

Learn to listen

I recently watch a movie called “Eat, Pray, Love”. And in this movie there was an old Italian parable about the man who daily for most of his many years asked this Statue of a Saint the same thing… “Saint, Please let me win the Lottery. Then one day the statue comes to life and says to the old man “My son, Go by a lottery ticket.”

This struck me again with how much we ask, of others, of God and Goddess, of the world around us. But how often do we take the time to listen for the answers?

Too often we walk around thinking if we only had an answer, or even a clue about the answer or even a better understanding of it all that we would be, richer, happier, smarter..

But we do not take the time to listen for the answer. We have it… it is there. In our hearts … in our heads. The Charge of the Goddess tells us that “And you who seek you findest me not within thee, you will never find me without, for behold – I have been with thee from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.” Translates to God/dess is you and you are God/dess. You do not need to look outside of you for ALL the answer. And when you ask for the answer, listen for the answer.

Years ago I received one of those silly chain letter. You know the ones I am talking about… they have a great/ sad/ poignant message followed by the nasty “send this to …. People or something terrible/ wonderful will happen to you.  But the story stayed with me for years. It was about a young man who kept asking God/dess to show him some sign that they were there. And every time he asked some moment of beauty regaled the world. But this man was so self-absorbed that he could not see and was again disappointed. He always wanted someone else to show him the miracle instead of looking at it and “seeing” it. We need to look with-in and see/hear our answers. When we do not we then miss many of the things we may need to grow and heal and learn. The answers are within. We are all perfect manifestations of God/dess. We have only to ask ourselves and s/he will show us the answers.

When we learn to listen to our inner voice, the one that we call our conscience, we will then find that our guidance.. Our answers were not so far away as we thought.

Blessing until next Month