Gem’s of the Goddess

Giver Of Knowledge

Her name literally means “one who gives the essential knowledge of our own self.”  Sarasvati is knowledge itself, and is also Goddess of learning, skills and the arts.  She is a wonderful Goddess to call upon if your in school, or taking art classes.

This beautiful Hindu Goddess is the consort of Brahma, who is the God of knowledge.  I cant even imagine the dinner conversation between these two…I feel like there would be silence because they just know everything!  Anyways, Sarasvati was worshiped by many students in ancient times, and then she would grant them blessings for being so devoted.  She loves to help other people cultivate creative ideas, and help them stay on track.  She encourages everyone to feed their creative mind, by doing things that make their spirit happy.  Like painting, writing, drawing, crafts, singing, dancing, or whatever your creative hobby is, Sarasvati is sure to help you make time for your special hobby.  So you could say she’s the Goddess of hobbies, but manages to turn them into a divine experiences.

You could find Sarasvati sitting on top of a lotus flower (symbolizes absolute truth) playing the vina, or among books and white swans.


Obviously, start engaging in your hobbies again.  Call in Sarasvati to participate and hang out with you while you do it.  Or you can call upon her if your about to take a test, begin a business project, or give a speech.  She just helps things flow better, so you can function in grace and courage.


White swans, music, art, books, color, lotus incense or flower, water