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Simple Snow Magick

Love it or hate it, in many parts of the world we are now buried in it:  Snow!

Personally, I’m not a big fan of scraping ice off the windshield of the car every morning, or spending hours shoveling out the driveway, so to keep myself from becoming too bitter I have tried to look at snow from a more positive perspective.  I’ve come up with some ideas to help me appreciate the icy coldness a little bit, and I’ll share them with you.

Snow has uses, not only in nature but in your own magickal life. Where I live, the extreme cold and ice are necessary in the germination of many of our local fruit trees – pears, apples, peaches – and the melting of the snow in spring ensures healthy crops in the coming summer, by saturating the earth with water.  From a magickal perspective, you can integrate snow into your workings.

*Snow can grant wishes. Draw a symbol of your desire in the snow like the pentacle shown above, or a heart of love, a $ for money, be creative. If it resonates with meaning for you that’s what’s important. As it melts over time or is covered by more layers of snow, that is nature accepting your wish into its wintry self, and is working on manifesting it.  The symbol you drew in the snow, transforms into water just as your intent will transform into reality.

*Snow is just frozen rainwater, which means it is great for any spell that needs water, since it’s natural and not from a tap. Boil some Rosemary, Lavender and Pine needles in it, cool and drain, and spray or drip around the house as a cleansing potion. It smells nice as it simmers, too.  Do the same thing to add to your water section on your altar.  Add a drop to your own drinking water or tea (but only a little!  It could be polluted, unfortunately), to empower yourself with elemental water.

*Add a handful of snow to your bathwater to cool the emotions, whether for anger, depression or crazy love madness that you can’t get out of your head.

Other than that, think of snow as a big, cozy soft white quilt that has been laid over the land, keeping it snug and cozy while it sleeps. And remember, winter makes us appreciate the spring just that much more.

Blessed be!

K. White Moon