Meditation Moment

Imbolc meditation 2012

Imbolc is a celebration of the coming of Spring, and with Spring comes inspiration, creativity, and growth.  Imbolc is the traditional time of Spring Cleaning, both of our physical world, as well as our inner world.  We need to clean out old patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve us, so we don’t get stuck in a loop, chasing our proverbial tails and wondering why we aren’t getting anywhere.

For this meditation, you should have handy something to write on and something to write with.  Make sure you will be undisturbed for at least 20 minutes.  Consider recording your own voice reading this meditation so you can really get into it, or having a friend record it for you if hearing your own voice distracts you.

Make your body comfortable, and tell the nagging voices in your mind to shush.

Breath deeply, and pay exquisite attention to each breath.  How does breathing feel?  What do you smell and taste in the air?

How does the air feel as it enters your throat and passes into your lungs?

How do your lungs feel as they expand and deflate?

Relax with each breath.  Relax every inch of your body.  Relax your mind, and allow yourself to drift into that trance-like state just before sleep.

You are in a safe place, a sacred place, YOUR sacred place.  How does it look to you?

Take your time looking at your sacred space, and making changes to it with your will until it feels perfect for you in this moment.

When you are ready, find a door.  Know that when you open this door, you will find a wooded path, a path that will lead you to a cave.  No harm will come to you on this path.  You are safe, protected, and loved.

When you are ready, open the door.

Follow the path to an inviting, cozy cave, lit  from within by a hearth against the back wall.  The floor of the cave is soft dirt, and the walls are decorated with metal armor and weapons, beautifully detailed metal-work.

There are stacks of books by the entrance, and you know that they are full of poetry and prose, words that express and call to mind all the beauty and wonder of the universe and the experiences of life.

In the center of the cave, there is an anvil between the flames of the hearth and a simple well in the middle of the floor.  By the well stands a girl with long wild hair that shines with all the shades ever seen in  flame, and large swirling eyes that reveal every shade of water, from the healing tropical seas to the preserving arctic glaciers.  You know She is the maiden form of the Celtic Goddess Brighid, and you kneel before Her so that you and She are face to face.

Brighid the Child takes your face into Her hands and gazes into your eyes.  Her gaze fills you with unconditional love, the love a baby feels for her mother, and a mother feels for her child.  This pure love fills you, healing all the scars in your chakras and your aura, and fills every cell of your being, illuminating you from within.

When you feel like you can’t possibly take in anymore love, Brighid the Child opens Her arms for a hug.  You embrace Her, holding Her to your chest, resting your head against Her soft hair.

As you settle into the hug, you notice a warm sensation where your chest meets Hers.  The warmth gets hotter and hotter until you are sure there will be a scorch mark on your breast.  Though it doesn’t hurt, you are afraid that it will.

“You are safe,” Brighid the Child whispers.  “Let me kindle your heart with mine.  Let your passions awaken, and let your creativity flow.  Trust Me, and trust yourself.”

You whisper, “I trust You.  I trust myself,” and a spark ignites in your heart.

Your heart-flames burn away old frustration and anger, leaving only the fierce love of the Goddess and the will to create with Her.

Tears run down your cheeks, washing away stagnant emotions, the sadness, fears, and doubts that once blocked you.

Brighid the Child holds you and strokes your hair until you are balanced and calm, cleansed and filled with joy and gratitude.

As you dry your eyes, She offers you a drink of water from Her well, which you accept with thanks.  As you drink, savor the sweet flavor.  Know that the tears you cried left an empty space inside you, and that this water is filling that space with nourishment, confidence, and sacred knowledge.

You thank Brighid for Her gracious gifts, and ask Her what you can do to call this feeling back to you at will.

Listen for Her answer.  What does She say?

What does She show you?

When you are ready, give the Goddess a gift from your heart.  Then bid Her farewell, and leave the cave.

Follow the path through the woods, back to your sacred doorway.

Enter your sacred space, and breath deeply into your being.

Feel the air expand your lungs, and feel them deflate as you exhale.

Feel your diaphragm stretch and contract with every breath.

Feel your heart beat in the rhythm of life, your rhythm.

What can you feel with your skin?

What can you taste on your tongue?

What do you smell with your nose?

What can you hear with your ears?

What do you see with your eyes?

How does it feel to be back in your body?

Welcome home.

Now write down any ideas that have come to you before they turn to ash or wash away!