HearthBeats: Notes from a Kitchen Witch

Celtic Kitchen Magicks

From all that I have read as well as lived,Celtic Magick is more a lifestyle than a religion. Celtic Magick is lived and breathed rather than planned and ritualed. There is constant daily emotional involvement; everything you do in your day has magickal intention.

Numbers are very important as well. 3, 5, 7 and 9 are considered very mystical numbers. That being said, you should do in sets of 3, 5, 7 or 9. This trains the brain by repetition to focus your energy and your intention.

One thing that makes Celtic Magick different is that it does not teach you that doing magick for yourself is selfish. It teaches that if you cannot do for yourself then how could you possibly do for others and that if your physical wellbeing is taken care of( food, home, bills, health) then your Spiritual will be able to focus on its well being. But the “Harm None” rule must apply. “DO WHAT YOU WILL IF YOU HARM NO BEING”

It benefits no one if you intentionally harm another being and the Karma is just NOT worth what little gain you may gain.

But the flip side of that is that Evil exists and should not be allowed to flourish and harm YOU. There are many creative ways to block harmful magicks from your home and life. By no means should you allow people to walk on you. Just make sure that you spend enough time being thoughtful of all your options and that you are sure you will not harm yourself or others.

Celtic Kitchen magicks are a bit different as it is sympathetic, helpful magicks. You bespell food to heal, strengthen and enrich your life, using your everyday utensils as your magickal tools. The wooden spoon as your wand, the pot as your cauldron, your stove as your candle. Many other kitchen tools have purposes that are magickal; you can look on the internet for correspondences’ to your kitchen tools

Every aspect of the meal you prepare is Magickal, from the purchase or picking to the preparation, to how you cook and finally how you serve it and eat it.

You would focus on the ingredients first, infusing them with your intention; remembering that you cannot impose your will on another, but that you wish to make it useful and available by those who eat of it. By using a mortar and pestle to grind your herbs and ingredients before adding then to the pan, will allow you to infuse them with your intention. Then you would stir the ingredients together, creating your spellwork on your meal. Stirring clockwise in repetitions of 3, 5, 7 and 9 will ensure the positive energy in every creation.

The Elements are very important in your Kitchen as well as in your life. Earth, Air, Fire and Water, they represent the 4 directions of the world, the 4 winds and the 4 quarters of the ritual circle. They are the forces and the energy of the universe and all the aspects of our lives. They also have…….

Earth- the food that grew, was nourished and produced from the soil

Air – the steam that rises from the cooking and the scents that are carried through the house.

Fire – the source your cook with, no matter if it is gas, wood oil or electric

Water – The liquid used to cook or what is extracted from the product while cooking.

Finally Spirit – the essence that you add by focusing your energy on the food.

Hearth magick is a process of transformation using all of the Elements.

No matter that much has changed since cook fires and hearths, the kitchen is still an Altar that a Kitchen Witch’s spells are created. When you say” You are what you eat” it could be true. With Hearth Magicks you can be healthier. Your health, wealth and wellbeing can be spelled right into the cooking of the food that you eat

It was once thought that your could protect yourself and your food by covering it, you could keep spells or hexes away from the food.  They used to say that if you salted your food that the cleansing properties would protect you and your foods.

Ultimately the end purpose of hearth magick is eating the food. Sharing your food with others can be a ritual bond, strengthened by love. Prayers of thanks upon eating should be directed to the ability to have the foods available, Some would thank that which gave its life for us to eat it, those of us with children find it easier to thank God/dess for the ability to eat it together and that we can share the food with each other.  Make sure that if you have spelled the food or have created it with a certain intention… that you tell all that will be eating it.

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper