Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

In Love and Light

The phrase “in love and light” is a New Age sentiment common within the modern pagan community. I’m sure you’ve read it and if you interact with individuals within the community then you’ve heard it more than once but, really, what does it mean? What does this phrase convey? I found that when I asked numerous individuals I received as many different responses as people I questioned.  For some ‘in love and light’ means; “with love and positivity”,  “sending energy through love”, “being wrapped in love and light from the Universe”, “unconditional love and light of The Goddess and God”, “peace and love” as well as, “sending joyful blessings”.

I’m guilty of using the phrase myself on occasion so it has been important for me to define the meaning of the phrase especially when addressing my own students. Here is what I’ve gleaned:

“In love”

The word love, in the phrase, is defined as divine love or agape. It is righteous, good and non-sexual. It is the love of The Goddess and The God; the love for the sacred being that each of us hold within us and that is connected to all beings including deity. It is unconditional and understands what lies beyond our physical human manifestation and within our Sacred Self. So “in love” means being within unconditional love.

“In light”

The word light addresses the concept of energy, specifically positive energy. So being “in light” means being “in positive energy”,

We are, were created from, and will return to, The Divine Source. While we are manifested on Earth and within our current society we are constantly dealing with both positive (light) and negative (dark) energies that also reside on this physical plane. Many of us are also affected by the energies (both negative and positive) that dwell on the spiritual plane however, it is vitally important that we don’t forget that regardless of these energetic influences, we are co-creators and are continually manifesting our own reality. It is the reality that we create for ourselves that gives us our perception of each and every experience we have. We can choose to focus on the positive experiences or the negative, to dwell in the light or the darkness.

It is important to acknowledge and understand that both the light (positive) and the dark (negative) energies originate from The Divine Source. The religion of Wicca acknowledges and honors this concept of polarity. It is the tenet of my spirituality and is beautifully illustrated in the belief of The Goddess and God. They are the prime example of balance that I strive to maintain. Now just because I strive for balance that I ignore the negative (dark) feelings or energies that may invade my life, it means that I don’t continuously indulge them. I don’t believe that Indulgence encourages balance. To feel and express my emotions – all of them – isn’t a “bad” thing however, what I do with the emotions that is what matters most.

Remember you are a manifestation of unconditional love and a co-creator. You, hand in hand with The Goddess and God, and all the energies (both light and dark) of the Unseen realm create your reality, your life experience. The question for you is this …

Will you dare to do so “in love and light”?