Meditation Moment

Letting Go


Lammas, also called Lughnassa, is the celebration of our first harvest and of the slowly lengthening nights.  Grain and Corn Gods die in order to feed Their people.  Some tarot decks assign Lammas to The Hanged Man, the card of sacrifice and gain.  One of my favorite decks shows the Hanged Man as an infant in the womb, ready for birth, and that card is the inspiration for this month’s meditation.

This is a more advanced guided meditation, requiring an ability to let go of the limitations of time and space so that you can exist in two or more times/places at once.  You are going to form an affirmation on the spot that is unique to your life and needs at the end of this meditation.  The affirmation should be positive (I am, I have, I do,) and concise.  For example, “I am grateful,” “I have a happy home,” or “I calm myself with music.”

Before performing this meditation, ready your environment by turning off your cell phone, any alarm clocks, and putting a do not disturb sign outside your door.  The temperature should be warm, lighting should be dim, and you might consider piling a bunch of pillows and blankets in the floor that you can sit on at first and recline on later if you wish.  Dress for comfort.

Stretch your entire body, paying special attention to areas where you hold tension, such as your neck and shoulders, and relax.  Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply, rocking yourself rhythmically as if you are standing in a warm sea, moved by gentle waves on a hot summer day.

Imagine, or remember, yourself as a baby in your mother’s womb.  You are perfectly warm and snug, seeing your tiny world in shades of black, brown, and red.  Air, food, and water come in through your navel.  As your mother moves, you rock back and forth, lulled to relaxation and sleep.  Every so often, the world contracts, hugging you firmly yet gently.  The steady rhythm of your mother’s heartbeat soothes you and marks the time.  Other sounds make music for you, sounds that have no meaning to you yet.  You are curious about them.  You are curious about the occasional pressure and bumps that you feel when something in your mother’s world reaches out for yours.  You are comfortable where you are, but you also feel a primal urge to explore, to experience, and the day you start that journey approaches rapidly.

The world you exist in as an adult is bigger, but still tiny, a cell in Mother Earth, an atomic particle in the immense universe.  Adult you sees more colors, though at times the world seems black and white, or composed of infinite shades of gray.  Explore the way you live in the present.  When you breathe, do you take air all the way to your navel?  When you eat, does your food nourish you, or does it make you ill?  Do you drink enough to saturate your cells with cleansing, healing water, or do you drink too many toxins and empty calories?  What habits have you formed to comfort yourself in this bigger, brighter, louder world?  What adventures call you, what experiences have you not yet allowed yourself to explore?

In order to make room for more good in your life, you must let go of the things that no longer nourish you.  Perhaps the habit you need to change in obvious, like a need to quit smoking or a need to drink water instead of soda.  Perhaps the habit to change is the way you talk to yourself, or in the thoughts on which you tend to dwell.  Ask yourself now, “What is the one habit I can change to make the biggest positive impact in my life?”

Rock yourself, hug yourself, keep yourself as comfortable as you can as you choose the habit you wish to release.  After you have chosen, ask yourself, “What habit would I like to develop in the old one’s place?”

Imagine yourself performing this new habit in a variety of times and places.  Let it feel natural and comfortable to you.  Create an affirmation for yourself that claims this habit is yours now and from now on.  Then drift back into the memory of yourself in the womb, perfect and ready to expand your world.

Feel full-body hugs massaging you in preparation for your release, encouraging you as you give yourself permission to let go.  As you breathe in, repeat your affirmation.  As you breathe out, give yourself permission to let go of the habit you are ready to release.  With every breath, you move closer to your rebirth.  Breathe in your affirmation, hug yourself, breath out your permission to let go, until you feel ready to open your eyes.  Bring yourself back to the present by stating your affirmation aloud, firmly, three times.  Repeat your affirmation many times a day until it is obviously true.