Hally’s Hints

Energetic Balance Within

Energy is fundamental to each and everyone one of us. Some believe there is but one type which can be manipulated and converted and others believe that the energy within us is derived from a central location and through different reasons becomes segregated, disjointed, separated and exists within pockets, usually within the vicinity of a chakra and over years can create behaviour that is aligned to this segregation of energy.

After comprehensive research, experimentation and many hours exploring the affects of energy, its uses and how far energy can be used it has become evident and extremely clear that the energy within the human body that is generated by the life force is but one part of the bigger equation. It is one part of the collective and even this one part plays an integral role in alignment or being true to oneself; which in turn enables a pure connection to the collective or Source/the universe.

The point of understanding energies is all good and fine but what does this mean to each person. What is the point of having this information if it cannot benefit each person on a day to day basis? This is where the role of energy becomes interesting…

At some point most people have felt the energetic field of another person or for some there is this sensation of feeling discomfort when a person comes too close. This is called walking into (or touching) your auric fields. However, when this is done by someone that is energetically (and chemically) aligned it has a warming and inviting affect. Some call what falls lust, however, it is actually an energetic response inspired by an emotional reaction. Not particularly romantic but powerful all the same.

As each person has this ability one thing that has become very clear over the years is that this energy is not maintained and embraced internally. More often than not it is released to another person or even several people leaving that person depleted. There are variations to this being that some can drain some of this energy for themselves because they are also lacking energy. This has multiple variations and extents. For the purpose of this article it will be kept to the light and practical version. This is being unaware that their energy is depleted because they too have been releasing their energy to others and need to gain more energy to exist harmoniously.

However, whilst each person does this it also means that when taking someone’s energy it is taking their “stuff” in simple terms. In other words if they are of a negative nature, have negative emotions hindering them in that moment and so forth. By “ingesting” this kind of energy and becoming the person’s energy it can convert that person into becoming negative. An example is going out to a party or market and coming back completely negative or depressed without any particular reason. Often this feeling is associated with not feeling like themselves and can be unnaturally defensive.

So, the secret, which really isn’t a secret, in all of this is to retain the individual energy of the person and still connecting to others by energetic connection not energy release. There is a big difference. By maintaining energetic balance it enables to maintain health, vitality, harmony in emotions and generally a happy disposition.

The first thing to retain the energy is to be aware if it is being released, such as the feeling of depleted energy being a common occurrence. Simple exercises such as grounding, keeping the home energetically clean; washing hands after touching someone that isn’t of the same nature is a good start. Then it is looking at why this energy is being released. What is being gained by not keeping this energy within? Is it to connect, fit in or be accepted? If this is the case there are ways to do this without losing energy.

Energy is integral to each and every person. This in itself indicates that each and every person can and will connect if it is so desired by both parties. With this in mind the journey into Self to regain energetic balance and harmony is less threatening because knowing one is not alone can sometimes make a big difference.

Be energetically balanced to regain, revitalise and reap the empowering sensation of being you completely.