The Magical Record

Your Magical Record is the most magical tool you have in your whole magick arsenal. When you are

studying, meditating, doing a ceremony, and changing write in your Magical Record. This will reflect

your thoughts. Every thought is magick, ideas manifest and that is magick within itself. The magician

must learn to control himself and realize the flow of the world by reflecting at the end of his day; some

magical records have contributed to the occult records and turned into a science. The writing in the

Magical Records show how magick is even revealed in the smallest of revelations in life, these texts

will help you define your own definition of magick.


The concept of the Magical Record is beyond the realms of writing to release stress and phases into the

realm of the spiritual. The records of the magician are the greatest tool due to the fact it reflects the

Great Work of the Magician. The magician will see the ins and outs of his/her ceremonies in his

personal practices. The Rituals will be more in delved with who he/she is as a person. The studies of

the mystic will begin to show in the works of the magician as the results are shown more over time.

The idea of magick is True Will that lead to results. The Magick record teaches us that results have no

time table as they could manifest in minutes to years. The point of magick is shown for singular intent

the magician wishes to come true.


The Magical Record is merely made for focus to the magus. The man who can make things happen in

the mundane through the very manifestation of his Will shall be shown in his Magical Record. The

Templi XVIII challenges the Magician to make the Magical Record as detailed as possible as he/she

writes. The more specific you can detail your works get, the more precise you can find what works for

you in the process of helping you know yourself. The compensation for the time you add to your

Magical Record will be the results of self-exploration; the Self is the most important aspect of magick,

but not in a selfish way.


The reason magical techniques that we still utilize today were well documented in Grimoires, Books of

Shadows, and Magical Diaries. A few famous writings are the Dr John Dee Writings, The Book of

Abramelin, the Book of Law, the Clavis Salamonis (Keys of Solomon), and hundreds of other writings

that support the magical systems we have till this very day. There is a sense of pride these grimoires

hold for the magick of future generations is a great elaboration of our history. The works of some of the

greatest minds have been well documented to sustain the evolution of magick and open the minds other

magicians for generations.


These works of the Magical Record go past pride, ego, and the physical realm into a new world of

thinking with philosophy and magick. You can show your works to anyone you want without refrain,

then you have those who are more secretive to their works. Hold true to yourself in all your actions and

thoughts, when you are true to the Magical Record you are true to yourself and the improvement of

your magical system. Every part of magick in your system should be based around your growth and the

reflection in your Magical Record allows you to change the things you do not like.

Do this for a few weeks until you are in the habit of writing.