September and Squirrel Nutkin


At long last Mother Earth is balancing and the slow move toward the winter months begin.  I watch as the squirrels and chipmunks in my yard are gathering acorns and other nuts and hurrying away. The last of the hummingbirds are visiting the bird feeders getting fatter and fatter in anticipation of the long flight further south.


Self Discipline and Self Reliance are the virtues for this month and little Squirrel Nutkin is the perfect example of both of those ideas.


Having the discipline to prepare for our own needs in order to be self-reliant is something sorely lacking in our society these days. I’m not talking about Zombie Apocalypse preparation, although I am I favor of always being prepared. I am thinking more along the lines of striving to be independent.


Our chosen path of spirituality is an independent one. By following our own heart we open to what resonates within our being. Our discipline within the path brings meaning and depth of understanding.


Squirrel Nutkin is following an instinct to gather and hide for the coming days. Every day without fail he gathers and hides. He will be sitting pretty when the cold of winter appear. Relying on his own instincts assures him survival until spring.


We, too, can follow his lead. This is the perfect time to visit a farmer’s market and load up on goodies to can or dehydrate. A stocked pantry is a lovely sight! This is also a great time to load up on herbs as well. Our magical pantry needs a look. Are there herbs that need replacing? How about creating some oils for spell work?


Time to gather up for fall and winter. Take a look around. What do you need? How can you prepare?