Red Pixie’s Elements of a Magical Life

Archangel Nathaniel – Angel of Life Purpose


Are you ready to move forward in your life?  Are you completely fed up of being stagnant and stuck in a rut, want to move forward with a certain area in your life or are you simply just ready to start manifesting your life?  Well if you answered yes to any of these then maybe its time you came to learn and work with this amazing angel.

I warn you though, he is fiery and he loves nothing more than kicking your butt into gear to get you and your life moving, when you invoke him, be sure that you are ready for this angels energy, think of Ganesh, remover of obstacles, the gentle but powerful elephant headed deity, well Nathaniel is like that but much more forceful so if you like the gentle, this angel probably isn’t the best choice for you.

Archangel Nathaniel works with the element of fire is a symbol of purification, transmutation and eventual transcendence. Nathaniel is the Angel of Purification, Divinity and an Angel of Fire.

Fire energy is forceful, passion, prosperity, protection, cleansing, purifying mind, body, and spirit. In addition, intention, motivation, and passion are attributes of fire energy.

This fiery angel is here to help us at this time of great shifts to make great and quantum leaps forward in all aspects of our lives . Helping us to cross from third dimension into fifth dimensional reality. Turn to Nathaniel to help you get off the couch spiritually and in some cases literally. When you invoke him be prepared for intense and rapid changes in your life overnight as he goes to work immediately. Archangel Nathaniel gives you the motivation , the energetic kick and also wise guidance on where you are spiritually and where you should be. So come and take this energetic inventory with Archangel Nathaniel to help you decide the best next step for you. If you still want to do things your way Nathaniel is not the guy for you as he will once invoked karmically stir your pot ensuring changes happen right away. If feeling stuck or stagnant is your issue ask Archangel Nathaniel to run his orange flame of transformation for you transmuting the blockages into light . Put his energy into all of your manifestations to see instant and rapid changes and movement. When you work with Archangel Nathaniel you have no choice but to move forward specially as related to your life purpose . He can help you identify your particular soul mission in a hurry. Turn your passions into the reality of your life.

Call upon Nathaniel to assist you in focusing your thoughts, your emotions on that which you desire. Do you seek protection or cleansing from that which has come before? Do you seek purification from negative energy? Fire element is filled with empowerment for all who choose to honor their innermost desires from the heart. Love is more powerful than darkness, shadow, pain or sorrow.

Ask Angel Nathaniel to help you clear your mind, healing thoughts of lack or self-doubt prior to declaring your intentions.  Light a red candle with the intention of clearing your inner self of that which no longer serves your highest and best good.  Focus upon the flame of the candle; allow your thoughts to simply float away from you. Feel a sense of peacefulness within, breathe deeply exhaling slowly all thoughts all concerns of not having all you desire. Accept where you are, seeing, believing you move towards where you want to be.


Archangel Nathaniel wants you to know this:- “Hold on tight to your dreams and goals. If you have asked for my help, you are on the way to seeing them manifest. If you have not asked me yet, do so now and we will create them together for your highest good. But remember, if you do ask me for help, think big. My team and I like a challenge. It gives us a chance to prove to you miracles do come true and it is the most fun all of us can have in making change happen.”– Archangel Nathaniel, the Archangel of Life Purpose

So why not try working with this amazing energy he really changes your life, he sets you on your way, and he does it fast, are you ready to change your life?

Bright Blessings

Pixie xxx