Meditation Moment



What is the most important action you can take in order to achieve your goals or stick with your resolutions?


Making a list?  Checking it twice?  Setting alarms, or punishments to discourage each vice?


No.  No.  No, and hell no.


Listen closely my friends, so I can dazzle you with an action so powerful, so simple, you will probably initially dismiss it as a waste of time.


Are you ready for this?


Here it is:


Fantasize yourself living your new life now that you have made that change.


This means visualizing yourself enjoying performing your new healthy habits in the body you’ve always wanted.  Imagine yourself receiving the extra money you are pulling in since you made that change to the way you do business.  Fantasize in detail about yourself writing that book you’ve been thinking about all these years, publishing it, being a guest on the Oprah show after she picked your book for her book club!


Whatever change you want to make in your life, you can only be as successful as you can imagine yourself being.


Let me emphasize this beautiful, too true point.


You can live the life that you can dream in detail.


If you can’t dream it in detail, you won’t be able to find the path.  Vague dreams don’t have enough power to come true.


Dreams need the power of your passion in order to come alive for you.


You Meditation Challenge for January 2013 is this:


Pick the dream you most want to come true for you in 2013.


Think about how your life will be change when this dream comes true.


Spend a few minutes every night before going to bed and every morning before starting your day fantasizing in intimate detail:

ñ  the events leading up to your dream coming true

ñ  the different ways your dreams come true

ñ  and the positive changes your dream-come-true causes in your daily life.


Do this every day for a month, and see what happens.