Meditation Moment

Connecting With Departed Loved Ones

The easiest way for our loved ones on the other side to get messages to us is in our dreams.  We can train our minds to be more receptive to their communications with practice, and this meditation, or a variation of it, is an excellent tool for such training.  Try doing this one before sleeping several nights in a row, and make sure you record your dreams!  I am calling the Light Being in this meditation an angel. If you prefer to think of it as your totem or spirit guide, simply substitute your term of preference.

If you record this meditation to listen to with your eyes closed, give yourself a few minutes of air time to communicate with the other side without your voice intruding.  Give a small amount of time if you are knew to guided meditation, and a longer amount of time if you are something of a pro.

If you don’t get much the first time you practice, that’s okay and perfectly normal.  The more you practice, the easier it will get for you.  If you fall asleep during the meditation, that is okay too.  Remember to ask your angel, or spirit guide, to help you remember when you wake up.  Train yourself to think about your dreams first thing when you wake up every time you wake up, and keep a journal and writing utensil by the bed for recording them.


Take three slow breaths, pulling as much air into your body as you can hold and expelling as much air as you can push out.

Visualize your aura forming an egg of protective violet energy; a shield only beings of love and light can pass through.

Now, imagine a cord from your navel pushing from your body down into the earth, and tie it around a huge boulder far below the surface.  Know that you are grounded, and that the energy of the Earth will keep your body safe as your mind journeys.

Take three more breaths: push out stress, pull in peace; push out doubts, pull in presence; push out distracting thoughts, pull in Purpose.

Now become aware of a beautiful radiant Light Being waiting patiently for you to See it.  This is your angel, a being of pure unconditional love who will carry you to see your loved ones on wings of light.  Feel its warm arms surrounding you like a fuzzy blanket, keeping you warm, safe, and surrounded by love.  Picture in your mind the loved one you want to see, and feel the angel take you to see that person in the place that feels most right to you.

When you arrive, notice what this place looks like.  Notice it with all of your senses.  Reach out with your senses and find your loved one.  Say what you want to say, ask what you want to ask, and listen with all of you for answers.

When you are ready to return to your body, ask your angel to bring you to it.  Ask your angel to help you communicate with your loved ones in your dreams, and to help you remember those dreams upon waking.

Take three deep breathes.  Become aware of your body, heavy with relaxation.  Stretch every muscle.  Release the cord holding you to earth, and open your eyes.

Write down every detail you can, to keep your messages and to compare future experiences.