Bardic Song of the Month

This month’s Bardic Song is called “As You Cross the Veil”. It is a simple tune that has 4 lines for easier repetition and the melody line is rather easy. It is something to use in your Samhain Rites or during a Memorial Service.
When I initially created this song, I wanted it to be celebratory with a positive sound and melody. Too many times, dirges are written in a minor key, making them sound sad and mournful. Thus, this simple ditty was written in a major key. The message instills the concept that we accept the person is crossing the Veil and we wish them peace on their Journey.
As much as possible, all songs are created as a single page in pdf format for easier printing and reading. If you play the piano, these songs are simple enough to pick up right away. If you don’t have the musical inclination, a wav file is attached for easier listening and learning.
All songs for this and future monthly articles are published by the Blue Ridge Mountain Clan by Lord Fairy Bottom Educifer aka Wayne Minich, II. Any similarities to other songs is coincidental and not intentional.