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DIY: Healing Blanket
In last month’s column, I shared about my grandma’s healing blanket. This month I thought I would share some ways to create your own healing blanket or an alternative to a blanket. I am going to take a leap here and assume you follow some kind of ritual/magical path and know how to empower objects. If not, let me know and I’ll be happy to lend some guidance.

Choose a blanket made of natural fibers like, cotton, wool or bamboo (yes, I said bamboo). A twin size blanket should be large enough. Think about what color represents healing to you. Do you want a solid color blanket or one with a pattern? As to colors, remember that darker colors are more absorbing than lighter colors.

After you have chosen your blanket, wash it according to instructions and add capful of white vinegar to the wash water (purification). While your blanket is in the wash, you might want to decide if you are going to leave the blanket plain or add some magical embellishments. You can do this by embroidery, cross stitch, fabric markers, appliqué or some other method you may know of. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can empower your blanket with the Reiki symbols. Some of the symbols my grandma used were an equal armed red cross and healing herbs embroidered on the blanket.

Another option here would be sewing a quilt. I feel cotton fabrics work best for this. For the inside layer of the quilt, use a cotton blanket Instead of the poly batting. There are so many options when it comes to making a quilt: colors, the quilt pattern itself, and the actual quilting can be done in magical symbols. Are there any quilters out there?
To cleanse your blanket after a healing, wash it and then smudge with white sage, rosemary, cedar, or juniper. We always had plenty of rosemary in the garden. You can also use Reiki to clear the blanket of energy.
Shawls work wonderfully as a substitute for a blanket and is my personal favorite. Like with the blanket, choose a natural yarn. I’m looking forward to making one of my triangular shawls from some bamboo yarn.

If you knit or crochet, go through your pattern books or check online and pick out something you like. Working with crochet or knitting lends its self well to knot magic. You can say a blessing for every knot or row that you create. Adding fringe to your shawl will help trap in the sickness.

Once your shawl is finished, I suggest reading the care instruction on the yarn sleeve. Most yarns can be laundered and now would be a good time to wash your shawl.

If you want to embellish your shawl you can sew crystals, tiny bells, shells, beads, and charms to your shawl. Remember to make sure your embellishments have been purified first. Of course once you add embellishment, you won’t be able to launder your shawl and should cleanse it like for the blanket above.

Quick No-Sew Fabric Shawl
Purchase at least 2 yards of cotton fabric, some fusible hemming tape, washable fabric glue and enough trim (op) to cove the short ends of the fabric when folded. Wash the fabric, iron if needed. Fold the fabric, wrong sides together, in half lengthwise and iron the fold. Read the instructions on the fusible hemming tape. Cut 3 lengths of tape (1 the length of the long edge and 2 the length of the short edge). With the right side out (printed side) unfold the fabric and line the long edge and both short ends inside the fabric with the tape. Refold the fabric and following the package directions to iron and seal all the edges. Use the fabric glue to glue your trim to the short edges. Wash in a gentle cycle. See blanket instructions above for spiritually cleansing your shawl.
Note: if you do know how to sew; turn the fabric wrong side out, sew a ¼” seam around the three open sides, leaving a place to turn right side out. Turn right side out and iron, hand stitch the opening closed. Now you can sew your trim to the short ends.

How to Use:
How you use your blanket/quilt/shawl is up to you. You can reread my column post from last month for an example. If someone in your working group is sick, if possible, you can sit them in the center of your circle, wrap them in the blanket and use group energy to either remove the sickness or send healing.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried one of the methods above or who have any ideas that I haven’t covered here.
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