The Enchanted Cottage

The Magic of Tradition




As the last remnants of Autumn color the Earth, my family prepares itself for the coming of the cold, brutal Winter we know awaits us. It is at this time that our most memorable family traditions take place. There is something magical about these yearly traditions. The anticipation of our excursion leads to mounting excitement as we recall the memories of the years past. We go to the Pumpkin Patch in mid-October, Downtown Christmas the week before Thanksgiving, and the We Care lights in mid-December. Sadly, this was the last year for our favorite Pumpkin Patch. Next year we will go on a magical adventure to discover another to takes its place. These traditions have been something my daughters and I look forward to every year. My hopes are that they will continue to find the enchantment in these little family adventures for years to come and that they will share them with their families in the future.




Having traditions, whether with family or friends, is a wonderful way to get through the bleakness of the coming months of Winter. Stories by the fire-side with mugs of hot cocoa deliciously seasoned with cinnamon, decorating the home with Holiday cheer, Thanksgiving dinner cooked lovingly for family and friends, and Yule morning snuggled on the couch watching loved ones open their special gifts. These are all traditions that bring a smile to my heart and magic to my home. The enchantment of frost covered windows and snow covered trees, the warm glow of the hearth fire, watching our favorite Holiday movies, and the scent of cookies baking in the oven—this is the magic of the Holidays and the cold, dark Winter months. I am blessed in the fact that I am able to share these moments with my family and make new traditions with those I love.

It saddens me to think that there are those who cannot celebrate these time-honored traditions. Death, war, and homelessness play a huge factor in the inability to enjoy what we sometimes take for granted. While I am enjoying the festivities of the season, I try to remember those who can’t. A donation of canned goods to the local pantry, a toy here and there in the toy drive bin, change in the little red kettle, and a warm smile to those who seem to have lost their Holiday cheer. I work in retail, so a smile and kind word can go a long way as people rush about trying to buy the things that they are struggling to afford. It breaks my heart to know that there are people and who are hungry, cold and alone. Of course, let’s not forget about our four-legged friends. Helping a cold animal in need and donating to a local animal shelter will help these poor, vulnerable creatures.

As we are celebrating this Holiday Season, no matter what custom we celebrate, remember that there is as much magic to be found in the smile of a stranger and the sharing of cheer as there is in the gifts we give. Enjoy your traditions, and if possible, make new ones. The most memorable moments are those unexpected instances that love to pop up. Just ask my daughters about the mashed potato incident. I think it may be their favorite Holiday memory yet! I’m sure they would make a tradition out of it if they could.

Have an Enchanted Yule and may the Old Gods of Winter protect you and yours…