HedgeWitch Days!

Breaking Magical Ground


Hi my lovelies, wow who ordered April? I am shocked at its arrival, not only by how fast time is flying by but by the fact that it is my birthday this month, heralding me into a new number, 45…wow, now I definitely did not order that! I hope I am doing all us mad ones proud though as I defiantly poke my tongue out at another year older. My hair has been bathed in bleach and pink dye, I am still rocking out to all my favourite Metallica tunes and this Grandma is still in her uniform of jeans, trainers and a tee shirt, no slip on comfy shoes for me!!!

Age does bring some wisdom though, and that’s something I AM feeling the benefit of this year. I moved house again last year, my gypsy feet do like to move around lol, and I have inherited a big old garden just crying out to be transformed. It amazes me that a garden that stands with a house nearly 70 years old has not one plant put into it. Really, not even one bulb, shrub or flower. Not one bed dug, or fence erected! What should be a truly mature garden is in fact a patch of grass with a washing line. Such potential is something I cannot bear to waste, and as we are now in April it is time for me to break ground and start this garden on the right path, and for me that is the magical one.

As a hedgewitch my comfort zone and stomping ground is the beautiful boundaries of the wild lanes and fields in the Wiltshire countryside. A boundary is like a window with the curtains pulled, you just need to open them slightly to let all that glorious light flood in and to see through to the other side. The view will always be different and the signs and messages will always vary, but there is nothing for me like a hedgerow to get my foraging juices flowing for all those free edible and magical goodies. Nothing rivals a hedgerow for connecting with other realms too, blackberry leaves can conceal the cheekiest of the Fae, and a rabbit burrow can give you a glimpse of the underworld. The wind whispering in the trees holds many a message and nothing is ever static, there is always movement and fluidity to work with magically, to inspire and delight all the senses…((sigh)), how I LOVE it so! My new garden does not hold such magic and mystery yet, but I am determined to put some in!

As we are now in April, our dear Mother Earth is starting to warm, the cold winter chill that does any new seed baby no good at all is starting to melt away to be replaced by a gentle heat from the spring sunshine. At least, I hope it is where you are in the world. I know all of you in Canada and the States have had a rough winter this year, it may take a little longer for Mother Earth to absorb those long awaited rays this spring! I am a great believer in working with nature, not fighting against it and so after waiting to get to planting season I am now busting to get digging and transforming. This is where the wisdom of age comes into play. I have lived in many places and had many gardens, and through all of that experience I have come to find out what I like, what works for me, what I use regularly and probably the most important lesson…patience! I am not a naturally patient person…everything done and finished yesterday if you don’t mind, that would be perfect! But I have learnt over the years that patience brings with it great rewards. Like a bulb planted in the autumn, the waiting is rewarded in the spring with strong green shoots and beautiful flowers. So with this blank canvas of a garden I am determined to get things right.


Everyone has their own style of gardening, and I adore looking at what people are able to create in their own spaces. I particularly admire all those who have no outside garden, but are able to keep a wealth of plants happy and healthy on the window sill, a skill I have never mastered, all of my indoor plants are condemned to die, bless them. As I live in the UK, the style of garden I love is perhaps unsurprising, the traditional English cottage garden. Full of fragrance, colour and texture, this higgledy piggledy mix of foxgloves, lupins and roses inspires the gardener in me, it’s just like an enchanting painting when it’s done right. Dotted in and around the flowers is a mix of medicinal herbs and flowers, grown with careful knowledge of safety and uses, and giving a wealth of magical and medicinal uses as well as providing for the kitchen. This is the garden of my dreams and I hope that I am able to start creating it from scratch with the help of the Goddess and a little of that freshly learnt patience!

Breaking ground is the start of a magical journey for you and the earth around you and so it makes sense to start as you mean to go on. This is a simple ritual you can do if you’re creating a new border or even a new pot.


Breaking ground ritual

You will need;

A tea light

Some rainwater

A feather ( I am using an incense stick due to my irrational fear of feathers and birds!)

A small stone or crystal

Dig your new border or fill your pot with soil or compost

Close your eyes and place your hands into the soil. Feel the life of the soil in your hands and say;

I ask that this soil be blessed with life and the love of the goddess.

With your hands dig a small hole in the earth in front of you. Take the tea light out of its metal holder and place the candle into the hole. Light the candle and say;

Element of fire, I ask that you bless this ground with the magic of transforming warmth

Next to the candle place the stone or crystal and say;

Element of earth, I ask you to bless this ground with your life force.

Place the feather ( or incense stick) in the ground and say;

Element of air, I ask that you bless this ground with your magical breath.

. Sprinkle the ground with the rainwater and say;

Element of water, I ask that you bless this ground with your life giving nourishment.

So mote it be!

Once your ritual is complete stand in your garden with your arms outstretched or sit in front of your pot with your hands over it and say;

I ask that this garden / pot be blessed for the purpose of magic,

May all things be grown with love and used with wisdom

By the Goddesses grace, harming none, so mote it be!

Breaking ground with a magical intent can be done in an existing garden too, acknowledging the presence of magic in your outside space is such an important step in growing plants for magic. As with all things spiritual the roots need a strong foundation in order to grow and blossom.

So now to the plants for me at last, yay!!!

And my first magical plants for my newly blessed garden are of course the classics…

Lavender- Peace

Rosemary – Cleansing and Memory

Thyme- Healing

Sage – Wisdom

And Rose! – Love (thank you to my daughter Bethany for the Mothers Day prezzie of my rose…I am such a rose junkie!)

So many more to come, hurray….and with each one will come a new opportunity to create a little magic…now where did I leave that patience?

I hope whether you are breaking new ground or blessing old you manage to make your planting season magical this year! Big April hugs guys, and as ever


Bright Blessings Mandy xxx