Hedgewitch Days!

Chat with the Fairies


Hi my lovelies!

Magical June is here, and for all of us Hedgewitches that can only mean one thing…time for a chat with the fairy folk, and you all know how much I love to talk!!!

Litha (Midsummer or the Summer Solstice) is one of the most magical times for us on our paths to cross the veil between worlds and have a bit of a natter with the Fae. At this time of balance the veil between our worlds is at its thinnest, enabling us to journey over to celebrate the solstice with the fairies in their realm, it’s so exciting!!!

Of course, I do try to interact with the Fae as much as possible, tending the garden with care and including small special places for them to congregate and be comfortable, both inside and outside my home. Playing music and singing, wind chimes and bells all encourage the fairies to visit my garden, and once there they can be extremely helpful and so I like to try and encourage them to stay by making them feel at home and very welcome. The Fairies bless me in return for my hospitality by helping my flowers bloom bigger and brighter, and making my fruit and vegetable crop taste sweeter. My herbs are blessed with Fairy magic before harvesting, making them more potent in spells and rituals too.

Fairies can be a little picky though, to say the least, when it comes to communication with us, so etiquette is high on the list of importance if you are planning to visit with them. Fairies DO NOT like rude humans! Manners, as they say, cost nothing, and certainly I wouldn’t dream of turning up to invade someone else’s Midsummer party without a gift or two in my hands, that simply wouldn’t do! The door to the magical realm would most certainly be slammed in my face, and there is no doubting that some mischievously minded Fairy would be paying me a personal visit to turn a few things upside down, move things around and trip me up! As a hedgewitch I relish this time of year when I feel the most at one with the hedgerow and the world around me, and hate to miss the opportunity at Midsummer to cross between worlds, for me it’s all about the boundaries as well as the bass lol!

Now, the Fae folk are lovers of all things beautiful, sparkly and sweet. Their world is full of laughter, chatter and music on this most special of nights… and to be part of their realm is one of the most joyous things we, as humans can experience. If you have ever spent any time with the fairies you will know exactly what I mean, their world really is the ultimate of enchanting. It is hard not to get carried away once there, and the hazy glow of euphoria can sometimes hinder your ability to make decisions or even leave their world and return home. I am sure many a human has been lost to the magic of their dance and beauty, never to be seen again in this world…Certainly the beauty and realism of the Fairy realm can make this world seem like a dream state compared with the sharpness of colours and vibrancy of the web they weave. So in order to honour this as best I can I like to make small offerings and gifts to give to the fairies in thanks for all the work they do for me throughout the year, and to help bolster the celebration table at the Midsummer feast.

Some good fairy gifts would be;



Edible glitter

Fruit, especially Apples


Beautiful flowers, leaves or petals

Scented drops of oil

Sun or Moon Water

Shiny things (coins, tinsel, charms etc…)

Of course if you have craft in your hands then any fairy furniture, doors or houses are most appreciated too, we all need a place to sit and rest.

Remember though, all gifts or offerings for the Fae MUST be safe to the environment and biodegradable…else you will feel their wrath… Oh and probably Mother Earths too!

These are one of my most favourite things to make for the fairies at Midsummer. The British Strawberry season is in full swing in June, or if you lucky you may be able to find a local treasure trove of wild strawberries you could use. Sweet and pretty, these yummy summer truffles could be made just as easily with any other variety of berries, and you can tweak the recipe with a few drops of rose water or alcohol if you prefer! If berries are not your thing try making this by replacing the strawberries with some chopped garden mint and some mashed ripe mango, yum!

Strawberry Solstice Truffles

8oz/ 225g Cream Cheese

2 x tablespoons Honey

3oz/ 85g mashed Strawberries

½ tsp Vanilla Extract

(For rolling)

Desiccated Coconut / Edible Glitter/ Dried Crushed Rose Petals

In a large bowl mix the strawberries, cream cheese, honey and vanilla in a clockwise motion and say;

With love and thanks I mix this treat,

Filled with love and all things sweet!

Blessed Fairies please grant for me

A magical solstice, so mote it be!

Once combined cover the mixture and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to become firm enough to handle.

Once cooled, remove from the fridge.

Roll bite sized pieces gently in your hands to shape into balls.

(Imagine the blessings for the Fae pouring from your hands into the truffle).

Roll each ball into your chosen coating of coconut, glitter or dried rose petals.

Place onto a tray and pop into the fridge for an hour or until needed.

Serve to the Fairies on beautiful leaves and petals, or offer around to friends and family at your solstice gathering!

Top Tips!

All Strawberries will have a different juice content so if you think you may have too much juice, just strain it off before mixing everything and add it back in little by little as needed.

If your mixture does turn out too sloppy, don’t panic…just freeze in ice cube trays and serve as chilled treats.

Try different fruits, Raspberries, mango or pineapple would all be yummy!

If you make these and drop them, beware any hungry fur babies at your feet…Hence the lack of finished pictures, it happens to us all lol, Alfie and Prudence enjoyed them very much!

Armed with these Solstice treats you will find me, at sundown on Midsummers eve, sat in a hedgerow with a big smile on my face as I listen to the music of the fairy realm…all those who are not in the know will probably pick up the phone to the nearest psychiatric hospital and call for the men in white coats to take me away!!! How lucky are all of us blessed with the knowledge of magic, that we may be part of something so extraordinary and beautiful?!

Well guys, I will close now. I hope you have an amazing Solstice whatever you plan to do, laughter, dance and be filled with the renewed blessings of the Goddess as the wheel turns…

Lots of love and as ever, bb Mandy xxx

P.S. – Look out for any Elderflowers still blooming at Midsummer, they carry in them the most potent magic. Harvest a head or two and offer half to the Fairies, dry the other half to use to make a tea during the winter months when you have a particularly bad cold or flu.