The Enchanted Cottage

The Magic of the Greening of the Earth





As the world awakens from the slumber of a long, harsh Winter; Earths children begin to stir with the wonder-like attitude of a child. The sweet sound of bird-song awakens us from our frost-fogged slumber. The welcoming warmth of the Sun brightens our moods and frees us from the dwellings we have sheltered ourselves in so we can escape the frigid winds of Winter.







One of my favorite activities to do as the Earth warms, is to have my morning coffee on my porch and watch as Nature awakens with the vibrant beauty of Spring. As I anticipate the lushness of the Summer months, I take stock of all the blessings and wonders that Mother Earth bestows on my home and family. The Greening of the Earth is a glorious affair to behold; the smells and sounds that fill the air bring a sense of enchantment and sacredness to our surroundings.








The chitter chatter of a squirrel and their acrobatic antics never cease to entertain. They bring a certain cheerfulness to the morning and it warms my heart when they allow me to get close enough to catch their delightfulness on camera. We always make sure to leave plenty of food for these playful critters; they are often a highlight to our day.




As we spend our days and nights outdoors enjoying the magic of Spring and Summer, we come together as a family, celebrating all that Life and Earth has to give us. The long walks in the park, the bat watching at dusk, the morning cups of coffee on the front porch, and the small bon-fires at night are what brings magic and enchantment to our humble little cottage. As we await for the hot Summer days and nights, we look forward to the star-gazing and watching of fire-flies, and the cooling off under the spray of sprinklers. Of course, the mouth-watering barbecues we attend are most welcome when spending time with friends and family.




As the Blessedness of Mother Earth continues to enchant our lives, I give thanks to Her and the Spirits of Nature. I will forever be in awe of the Flora and Fauna on our lush and sacred planet. As the Greening of the Earth continues, I breathe in the magic that is Nature and bless my home with the enchantment of the Faery Realms. I bathe in the warmth of sunlight and dance under moon and stars. Life spent in celebration with loved ones and basking in the glory of Mother Earth is magic in the making. The world is full of enchantment, and my home is just a small part of that magical energy that exists within All…

May the coming Summer months bring health, happiness, and enchantment into your home…