Hekate’s Enchanted Cottage

Tending the Flame



Brigit—Lady of Light

Your Fire burns bright in the hearts of many.

Brighid—Exalted One

Most High do I sing Your Name.

Brigantia—Sovereign One

Through You, I honor the Sacredness of the Land.

Brigandu—Bright Faery Queen

The Realms of Enchantment are Yours, my Queen.

Breedia—She Who Heals

I embrace Your Powers of Healing, may I become One with You.


I give thanks for the Blessings You bestow upon my Life…

~Vivienne Moss~

I have written of Brighed, or as I call Her, Brigandu, before. She is both Goddess and Saint, and is worshipped by both Pagans and Christians. Brigandu is a wonderful Goddess for the Cottage Witch to honor and She has a permanent shrine in my home. At this shrine I tend Her Holy Flame on the day that is chosen for me by a Sisterhood of Flame Tenders. I light Brigandu’s candle with a small candle that holds the Perpetual Flame of Brighid within. I am honored to be a part of this tradition and Sisterhood.

To tend the Flame of Brigandu is to tend the Flame of Creation. Within this Flame is the spark of creativity, the warmth of love, and heat of the passion for life. Its Holy Light is healing and soothing, compassion for All burns at the Flames center. To Tend the Flame is to tend the love in one’s own heart, learning to share the Mysteries of the Goddess with the world.

When we are full of Divine Love for the Goddess– (or God)—we become one with the universe and can feel the sacred connection that binds us all together. We learn that humanity is not apart from Nature, but that we are Nature. We are kin to every living being on our sacred planet. We are of the Stars and Moon, the Sun and the ever ancient Waters of Life. The Song of Creation lives within our souls, we are Holy, just as the Gods are Holy. Our lives, and All lives of this world are sacred, and we should treat them as such. Our lives should be lived with Love and Compassion. To see and feel the Deep Beauty of the Worlds—Seen and Unseen—is Life Enchanted…

As I extinguish Brigandu’s Holy Flame at the end of my vigil, I know that Her Holy Fire burns within my soul. I know that She is with me and that She has blessed my home and family. To feel Her Holy presence fills my life with Hope and Love for the Gods, the Spirits, and Humanity…

There are two recently released books on this Goddess of the Flame that are wonderful additions to my esoteric library. Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess by Courtney Weber and Tending Brigid’s Flame: Awaken to the Celtic Goddess of Hearth, Temple, and Forge by Lunaea Weatherstone.