Hekate’s Enchanted Cottage

New Year– New World

For the past two years I have been consumed by the Witch Goddess Hekate. The journey of writing Her devotional was exhilarating. I learned so much about Hekate and those who are devoted to Her. She has been by my side through thick and thin, I could not ask for a better Goddess to be by my companion is this bewitching world. From out of the Shadows She has risen, shining Her holy light upon the world. Hekate is awakening many to Her mysteries, the Gates of Enchantment have been opened for those who wish to seek and move beyond this mundane world.

A new dawn is coming. A time when the enchanted world is embraced and longed for. With wars, famine, and disarray on the horizon, peace and prosperity are not only needed, but wanted by a majority of this world. There are those who wish to destroy this world, they are the ones who hold all the power of destruction and all the money to see that destruction happen. We must do all we can to bring love and light to this realm, to live in harmony with all and to fight back against the oppressors.

I have felt the call of Avalon and all the beauty She holds within in spite of the insidious actions of some. Whether known as the Blessed Isles , Eden, Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, or the Elysian Fields, I believe that a future Utopia is possible. We can catch glimpses of it in Nature and the miracles of mankind at their greatest. The night sky with its infinite star-light, the deep blue sea so full of life, and the woodlands filled with the chatter and song of Earth’s children—it is here that we find the beauty of the worlds and the everlasting life of enchanted bliss.

As a New Year begins I not only embrace the light of Hekate, but also the deep beauty and peace of Avalon and the wisdom of Morgana le Fay. Through the Spirits of Avalon and the knowledge I gain through seeking Her shores, I hope to add to the enchantment of the Worlds seen and un-seen. The magical world around is filled with so much potential, and those who live within Her boundaries are capable of so much more.

Come journey with me through this New Year. A new world is awakening—the New Avalon. A world filled with ethereal beauty and a strange magic that is winding its way into the hearts of many…