Finding Avalon

The Path of Enchantment



The icy breath of Winter surrounds me as I make my way down the Path of Enchantment. Branches, heavy with freshly fallen snow, glisten in the noon-day sun. Bird song fills the air, reminding me that though the land is barren, life still remains in this wondrous world. Avalon awaits me, the Blessed Isle longs for our return…

In Finding Avalon, I will be searching for the sacredness and beauty that can be found in not only Nature, but in the “ordinary” world that surrounds us. There is enchantment to be found in woodland and city alike, the very fabric of Avalon lives within All. From the familiar faces of our friends and loved ones to the strangers we bump into on the streets, the Spirit of Avalon and Faery stare back at us, reminding us that we are kith and kin.



Wrapped in the magic and mysticism of the enchanted realms, the Gates of Avalon stand open for Faery-kissed mortals, those who see the beauty and sacredness of this world. As we embrace our alluring differences, an exquisite resistance of patriarchy and violence takes hold. We welcome the serenity of love and freedom, relishing the hallowed connection of the Seen and Unseen Realms.

In the finding of Avalon and Faery, our hearts open to the possibilities of a magic filled life. The world of the supernatural collides with the mundane world, bringing Faery and Human together once more. This planet needs this reunion of souls, we need this for our survival. When we grow closer to Nature and Her children, we realize that we depend on a harmonious relationship with the ecosystem. This ecosystem is our Mother—our Father—it is the All—it is Avalon, Eden, and the Land of Milk and Honey.

As I discover the enchanting beauty of this world and life, I recognize that Avalon is not just a romantic myth, She lives within all of us—She is Life Everlasting…