Crystal Connections

Pocket Stones

Recently I visited a local crystal shop because I wanted some small crystals just for carrying in my pockets. I knew that I was going to purchase at least three pieces and that one would be a small piece of Black Tourmaline (also known as Schorl) for grounding and protection. I just wasn’t sure what the other two would be. As I walked around I found myself drawn to Dumortierite. This calming blue stone is known to raise spiritual awareness and can act as an amplifier for psychic abilities. For the third stone I chose a teal blue Fluorite for its abilities to ground, protect, clear chakras and it can also assist in organization and enhancing spiritual connections.



Excited to have my pocket stones I headed to the cash register when I was pulled to a tray of Kunzites. These crystals are a lovely soft pink/lavender in color. They are known for their aid in emotional healing and ability to open your heart to Divine Love. I then got the feeling that I needed to be on the search for heart healing stones to help me after the loss of my dad. I have plenty of Rose Quartz so the crystals that I would be purchasing were going to be pieces that I didn’t already have. I started to make my way around the tables, holding my left hand over the multitude of trays containing various crystals and minerals to see if anything pulled at me. I was surprised when Tangerine Quartz was the next to get my attention because it’s not known as a heart healer. It’s commonly known for aiding in passion and sexuality as well as having the ability to assist in creativity. I guess, now that I think about it, dad was always big on me being creative, so maybe it wasn’t such a surprise after all. As I continued on my search for the final stone, a pink Agate found its way to me. Pink Agates aid in healing the heart of old pains and can give you a sense of calmness and security. I now have three stones to carry in each of my front pockets and I can say that I feel a sense of peace for the first time since my dad has left this earthly plane.



I like to carry my stones loose in my pocket so they are easily accessible, but by carrying them like this there is a chance that they will chip with the friction. If this worries you feel free to put them in little pouches like organza bags, or some other tiny pouch. Most metaphysical shops sell them, but if your crafty why not make one? I like the thought of making one because it would be your energy surrounding your crystals. If you’re not crafty don’t worry, just buy a pre-made one and infuse your own energy into it.

I view pocket stones much like worry stones, for me just touching them brings calmness and makes me feel connected and grounded. Rolling then through my fingers takes me almost to a meditative state. You can purchase stones or crystals for their metaphysical properties or choose them for their beauty or even better yet, choose the ones that choose you!