Interview with Just Plain Bill, Author of Here, There, and Everywhere

Bill Holtry a.k.a. Just Plain Bill is the author of Here, There, and Everywhere: A Clarification of Reality. Not only did I get the chance to review the book, but I also interviewed Just Plain Bill. At the end of the interview, Just Plain Bill shared his website with us. Make sure to check it out. From the website you can learn more about Just Plain Bill and purchase your copy of Here, There, and Everywhere. Don’t forget to check out my review of Here, There and Everywhere in this issue of PaganPagesOrg.

Deanna (D) – First, let me start by saying Here, There, and Everywhere is one of my favorite books now. The content of the book had me thinking throughout it. I had to stop a few times and think about what I had just read. All in all, it made so much sense with what I’ve always wondered throughout my life. I’ve read Here, There, and Everywhere a couple times now and I always learn something new with each reading.

I want to take a minute and thank you for allowing me to interview you.

Just Plain Bill (JPB) – Thanks so much for honoring me with your request. I look forward to our conversation.

D – In Here, There, and Everywhere, the reader gets a glimpse into the Everywhere. How old were you when you first got to see the Everywhere?

JPB – Little did I know that I was being prepared for this experience my entire life. Unfortunately, it took me 68 years to understand my gift. And it is a gift.

The “back story” occurred during my first visit to Lilydale Chapel in New York where I visited “the Stump”, a place of reverence and peace. My wife, Susan, felt inclined to hold back and take pictures while I walked to the Stump. When we returned home and downloaded the pictures, there were several orbs around me. After speaking to a friend who understood these things, I started automatic writing which opened my eyes to the clarification of reality.

D – Are there any special preparations that must be done before you visit the Everywhere?

JPB – I have a routine. At about 5AM, I make coffee, open my laptop and with an empty mind, I accept what comes. I take a deep breath and place my hands on the keyboard and open the portal in my mind. It’s like putting blinders on and I envision where I am. I immediately begin by typing what I “see” and then about an hour later, I have finished what has come to me. Frankly, I have no idea what I have just written. Without reading, I stop and let my head “clear” and then Susan reads it. For some reason, she usually awakens about the time I finish. This is an amazing experience. I am not in a trance, but I must say my focus is strongly driven by my desire to type whatever comes through me to my keyboard.

D – In the beginning of Here, There, and Everywhere you mention automatic writing. Can you explain what it is and how it’s practiced?

JPB – There are different definitions for the term, automatic writing. It was described to me as writing from a meditative state with the writer being unaware of what is being written. I am merely the vehicle through which the information flows and I type the words.

I often use the term, “Just Delivering the Mail” because the words come to me as a result of this gift. I never know what the next sentence is until it’s completed.

D – With every visit you learn something new. Sometimes you have questions, while other times it seems that the Everywhere has a lesson waiting for you. How do you come up with the questions that you ask?

JPB – Although it seems like I have questions, they arise through the “conversations” that occur during my session. The questions just “occur”. I wish I could take credit, but I can’t.

D – Throughout the book, the reader can see that the Everywhere changes with each visit. Do you have a favorite setting in the Everywhere?

JPB – Probably my favorite setting is the original overlooking the valley with the brook. I am no different than anyone else who enjoys the feeling of going home. I have the understanding that my family tree comes from that valley but it’s just a feeling. I have never received any specific information to believe this. It’s just a feeling.

D – Besides heights, is there a setting you least enjoy?

JPB – Ironically, my entire family is afraid of heights. I am laughing as I write this. Any others? Well actually, if I am in a boat and someone tells me how deep the water is below me, I have the same feeling of height. It’s just the craziest thing and something I laugh at myself over this. But apparently, it transcends my “travels” too.

D – It seems you have met a wide variety of people that come from all different walks of life. Has there been anyone you would like to talk with but haven’t had the chance?

JPB – I never want to take advantage of my gift, so I visit with anyone who wishes to be there. I sense the visits are set up for me by someone or something else. I suspect my Pap is a project manager of sorts.

D – Are you able to request a visit with a certain spirit?

JPB – I have never requested to visit with anyone specifically. I feel and this is only my opinion, that a request from me would be unfair, given my gift. So, I respect who decides to visit with me. Every visit brings me lessons to learn. I sense I am just there to deliver information and lessons for all of us to learn from and to be better for it.

D – It seems like you meet a new spirit with every visit. Besides Pap, is there a spirit that visits more frequently?

JPB – I have had only one or two other visits from past friends who have moved on to return to the Everywhere. Believe me, every day is as much a surprise as it is a lesson. I am blessed to just deliver the mail.

D – What is a lesson you hope people learn when they finish reading Here, There and Everywhere?

JPB – Several who have read the book have said they feel peace and understanding about their reasons for being and for situations they find themselves in. There is so much common sense to the clarification of reality, it’s amazing to me why so many humans are struggling. But then, if they didn’t, maybe not as many lessons would be learned and after all, that’s why we are all here. To learn and return with lessons is a requirement of our journeys.

Here, There and Everywhere explains that some of us are here today to bring humans back to the understanding from which we came. We have strayed so far from the values of family, love, honor, trust and peace and must stop the pain or we will destroy the human race. I am but one of millions who has been assigned to get the Wave back on track.

D – If you could share one lesson from the Everywhere, what would it be?

JPB – Open your heart and let life teach you all it can. And spend each day enjoying family, love, honor trust and peace. After all, that’s all we bring and all we return to the Everywhere with. There is no real end to the journey.

D – Will there be a second book following Here, There, and Everywhere?

JPB – My first book has about 70,000 words of life, learning and visits. I have more than 700,000 words at this point and there is a lot to share about so many topics. I can only imagine what lies ahead!

Thank you so much for your interest and kindness. I can tell by your questions, you have a wonderful way about yourself. I wish you and your readers all the best and look forward to our next visit.

If I may share our website, it is www.here-there-everywhere.net

Thanks again. Keep smiling…

Just Plain Bill…Delivering the mail.