Finding Your Own Way

Chapter 14

Finding Love

Many of us turn to various forms of spirituality, when in fact our true needs might be best met by a dating site or social club. We are a social species and, in our crowded lives and crowded cities, human interaction has become stifled by stress and fear. Those moving to rural areas may find themselves even more isolated due to lack of opportunity, or not having the necessary skills and confidence to break through the barriers of natural reserve and become active members of their new community. Unless we are aware of our own true needs, we may become the willing victims of various cults and groups, sacrificing any hope of real contentment and individuality in return for a sheltered existence among those who would fleece us like sheep!

In dealing with the source of our desire for enlightenment, we are not abandoning spirituality if we decide or discover that what we need first is a family or a dependable circle of friends, – or perhaps even the admiration of those around us! If it is a necessary part of our journey, then true spirituality is not likely to be open to us until we have worked through our needs and desires.

I once gave a tarot reading to a single lady with children. All that came up in the reading were money matters and other events connecting with the raising of her family. She complained, – saying that it was all she ever got from readers and psychics. She wanted to know about her love prospects. I gave her a second in-depth reading, concentrating totally on possible love matters. I described a meeting with someone about 3 months ahead of time. I gave her the place they would meet and a detailed description of the person whom she would come into contact with. Although there was an engagement party invitation for that time, she refused to consider the possibility because the person I described was about 5 years older than her.

There may be many hidden expectations or fears holding us back from full involvement with another person, or our local community. Friends, family, neighbours and colleagues are important to our mental health and happiness. Local events and charities can be a great way to expand our connections and make our lives feel more fulfilled. In today’s’ overcrowded societies it is all too easy to become isolated and alone. It is important to find ways to reach out to others in an environment which feels safe. Learning a new craft or sharing a hobby is an excellent way to meet like-minded people. Volunteer work can get us out and about and there are also many support groups for those who might find this a daunting step to take. The greatest obstacle to widening our circle of friends and acquaintances is usually our own fears and childhood programming. Use the meditation to begin to open up and explore the possibilities in our imagination. What we can imagine ourselves doing will become a real possibility with time and practice.

Take a few deep breaths, read the poem, spend some time absorbing the images from the artwork. Use any of the meditations in the first pages. After meditation, write down anything you remember for later review.

True love begins when we place the happiness and welfare of another before our own.

Limitless Love

Who can put a limit on the way we choose to love
Who can dare to tell us who we choose to share our lives
We may share our hearts and dreams with many or with few,
Only when we listen to our hearts can we be wise,
Then our hearts will tell us what it is that we must do.

None of us can tell if life is going to be long or to be brief.
Love may last a thousand lives or blossom in a single day.
That Life is meant for love is still my uttermost belief,
And if your love is wise or rash, is just for you to say.
For life flies by so fast, and only love can conquer grief.

Grasp the nettle firmly, and hold on tight to all that you hold dear,
Drain the cup of life, don’t let you precious minutes drip away.
Don’t stop to count the cost of love. Don’t live your life in fear,
This day may be your very last, don’t wish it all away.
One moment spent in loves embrace can heal the many lonely years.


About the Author:

Patrick W Kavanagh, Featuring the inspirational art of Bill Oliver

Writer, poet, Patrick W Kavanagh was born in Dublin and now lives and works in Lincolnshire in a small rural town. Patrick became fascinated by the strange abilities of the human mind from watching his mother give psychic readings using tea-leaves and playing cards. With a lifelong interest in metaphysics and parapsychology, he has given tarot and spirit readings for over 40 years. He travels to many events with his wife Tina, exploring the power of shamanic drumming to heal, and induce therapeutic trance states. They also hold a regular drumming circle in the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds.

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