Crone’s Corner

My Soul’s Journey

I believe that I have a soul that chose to live this life that I am living right now. This soul was a part of the Great Divine, the One True Source and Center, The ONE…you can call it whatever you like…when my soul was part of that Force, it was given the task of learning what it would feel like to be a woman, the youngest of 6 children, a sister, a daughter, a college graduate, a divorcee, a happily married wife, a battered woman, a molested child, a gardener, an herbalist, a professional woman, a sports fan, a quilter, a Witch, a Pagan, and every other subtle little nuance that comprises who I am and it chose my life to be born into.

When my mom got pregnant with me, my soul was ensuring that I would be and experience all of the things that my soul was required to learn about when it was with that Force and then when it was sure, I was born. During the birth, my soul suffered great pain and trauma from the delivery, after all, a small baby confined in its mother’s safe and warm womb being thrust down a narrow birth canal and smooshed all to creation and back and then thrust into a cold, sterile environment to be met by a doctor with really cold hands – that’s traumatic! Well, the trauma of all that caused my soul to start to forget that it was here on a mission from the Force to learn all of those things.

So, while I was learning how to speak and to communicate with the world around me, I started to forget that I was a soul in this body. I learned how to talk, but I forgot what I had to talk about…so I started to live and to learn and to meet people and to experience everything that there was to experience in this life. And some times I would get a feeling of deja vu and wonder… “Hmmm, was I here before, did I already experience this?” which serves as a confirmation to me that I’m right about my thoughts about my soul being here for a reason.

So I am learning and experiencing everything here and now and when I am done learning and experiencing and my soul has reached the end of its journey here, the soul will need to report back to the Force in order to share these earthly experiences and bring them back to the Force for the greater good of all. That’s when the end of the world happens; when all of my soul’s work here is done. When my soul’s mission in living this life is complete, my soul with reunite with the Divine Force, the One True Source and Center, the Divine Light, and it will start to heal from all of the pains that it has experienced when it was here in this shell.

Maybe some day, my soul will be required to be born into another life for another experience. Who knows? Probably me, but I forgot it! 🙂 But I think that there are a finite number of souls in this world, they continually reincarnate until they have learned all that they must learn for the Greater Good of All. They continue to come back here to experience life’s lessons and bring them back to reunite with the Divine. When all of the experiences have been lived and learned, there will no longer be a need to come back here. THEN, and only then, do I believe there will be a true end to this world, as we know it. That is not to say there won’t be something better, free of all of these soul lessons and pains and aches, some better place, some better ways and we will all be experiencing them. I believe that I will be one of those souls that returns not for experiences any longer, but to help those who must still come back and learn, I will come back time after time after time to lend a hand, to share love and understanding; those are the two biggest emotions that I know.

I believe that souls are learning their lessons and those lessons that were already required have already been learned. The shift is coming from a place of understanding and already knowing what is about to happen…like deja vu…I can’t quite put my finger on it, and it feels familiar.


About the Author:

Shirley Lenhard has been a practicing Witch and a Pagan since 1983 and lives in New England with her husband. She is employed full time in the legal field and has her Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Shirley looks forward to living her best possible life by giving back to the Pagan Community and has created the Facebook group “Pagan Plannertarium” where she provides a safe home for fellow pagans to have discussions about their path and to get free planner stickers and layouts. Shirley is a past writer for Llewellyn Publishing and The Peace Paper.