St. Louis Pagan Picnic

Every year for the past 27 years in Tower Grove Park in early June you will find a gathering of Pagans. This picnic is a fantastic start to the festival season in Missouri. 2019 was the first year that my husband and I were able to go for both days of the picnic. This year the picnic was able to boast that they had nearly 100 vendors. The vendors are in the middle of the picnic. The picnic coordinators are hoping to welcome even more next year.

On Saturday at 10 AM, there was an opening ritual. Ritual is on the south side of the vendor’s row. The Ritual takes place in an area that is marked by flags for each compass point. It is always open to all who want to participate.

Speakers start their presentations at 11 AM and go until 3 PM both days. The lectures take place on the north side of the vendors’ row. There were so many speakers this year, but I could only pick a few because there are four presentations every hour. Speakers only took an hour for a lecture; many also-ran vendor stalls while at the festival too.

Celia was there her talk was titled “Adventures of an Everyday Goddess,” and we could hear her singing during her lecture too. Reverend Don Lewis-Highcorrell was there talking about Cornellian Soul. Mickie Mueller taught about “Magical Self-Care During Hard Times. Reverend Bill Duvendack was there teaching about “Astrological Timing of Rituals.” And Sunday started with Oberon Zell giving a presentation on “Awakening into Quantum Consciousness.” (there were so many more that I didn’t get to hear this time around.)

At the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, there are a lot of local artists, writers, and teachers that give lectures. If there is a time that you don’t want to go to hear a speaker, you can sit on the south side of the vendors’ row at the Bardic Circle. At the Bardic Circle, they have some great singers and Dancers. Celia also was at the Bardic Circle. At another time, you could catch Mama Gina or watch Sugar Cyanide dance.

My husband and I purchased a Tarot deck and a refillable book from artist Karen Swartz, who has a shop on Etsy, Talenshistudios. The Tarot deck is called “A Darisa Tarot.” I found that the Tarot deck is genderless to be a unique aspect that makes reading with it more accessible in so many ways.

Another vendor I adore is “Chaos Emporium.” She has a shop in South County Mall in St. Louis. Her shop and her vendor space deal with corsets, hats, gloves, and some beautiful Parasols. (I had to get a purple one to go with the primary color I wear daily.)

I also found a new vendor that I hope is there again next year, Obsidian Sithin. They have amazing wooden puzzles. (I purchased a Unicorn from them. I want to get more of their puzzles.)


About the Author:

Dawn Borries loves reading and was thrilled to become a Reviewer for PaganPages.Org. Dawn, also, has been doing Tarot and Numerology readings for the past 25 years. Dawn does readings on her Facebook page. If you are interested in a reading you can reach her on Facebook @eagleandunicorn.