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Review of the ‘Circular Wall Calendar and Wheel of Year 2020’ by Monica-April Skinner of QuintessentLife Etsy


Circular Wall Calendar and Wheel of Year 2020’

by Monica-April Skinner

of QuintessentLife Etsy



From the very moment I took this calendar out of its wrapping, I absolutely adored it! I have seen other Goddess-oriented calendars over the years but nothing like this one! This is truly an innovation. Other Goddess calendars kept the tradition square shape of regular calendars while using a lunar-based system – I remember one that showed the days of the (lunar) month in a spiral shape that was almost impossible to read.

This calendar is totally different.

Created by Monika-April Skinner, a Wiccan artist who sells via her Etsy, QuintessentLife, this calendar is round. Because the days go round and round, right? We start at day 1 at whatever month it is and end up at day 30 or 31 (or 28/29, if it’s February) and then we’re back at day 1 again. Really, it makes more sense than the square grid of regular calendars.

Each month is changed by folding up and over the bottom half-moon of the circle:

In the middle of the calendar, is a movable circle featuring four beautiful Goddesses who represent the four seasons. There are also the eight Sabbats, so that, for instance, when we are in the month of March, the holiday of Ostara is at the top of the circle as you can see the calendar as it sits on my desk:


I do have a few very minor complaints with this calendar and they are so very minor that I hesitate to mention them. But I am going to say something because I do love this calendar so very much and I would like to see it improved for next year. One – there’s no way to hang it on a wall. I have it propped up on my desk and that works reasonably well. But shouldn’t there be a better way to display this lovely calendar/work of art? And two – I had to put a small paperclip at the top of the calendar to keep the upper half-moon from closing – you can see it in the photograph above. Again, these are wicked minor complaints and I wouldn’t keep these small concerns from buying this a gift for another Wiccan or for myself next year. I love having this one my desk! And I plan to visit Monica-April Skinner’s Etsy site to see what other cool things she has on sale from now on!

Brightest Blessings!





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