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Healing Oil Recipe

Healing Oil Recipe for Humans & Pets

When it comes to my remedies my witch side comes to life. I have quite a few wise women in my lineage and I like to channel them when I offer any healing assistance or create remedies. My healing oil gets special attention in this area. It cleans wounds, speeds up tissue growth, and helps with bites and stings. I make it in bulk once a year, this way I can spend the year collecting the ingredients as I travel and charging them properly. A lot of work and energy goes into my healing oil. This infusion can be used on its own or added to beeswax to form a salve.

I like to collect my ingredients from nature as much as possible. Plantain grows just about everywhere and stands out amongst most weeds. Mullein thrives on roadsides in mid to late summer and is easily identified by its giant fuzzy leaves and yellow flowers. Kitchen herbs I try to get from farmers markets or roadside stands. Above all I love getting ingredients that were harvested by other witches. Gifts make the best energy and adding that love to any healing brew will help tremendously.

This healing oil can be used on your pets as well. Whenever my familiars get scraped up I use a few drops of this oil to clean the wounds and help them heal faster. I highly recommend using the oil, not a salve on those fuzzy critters. I switched to oil only because the beeswax would collect dirt and cause infection, which is a bit counterproductive. The oil absorbs into the skin almost instantly with the plant’s medicinal effects continuing to work under the skin and on the surface.

When harvesting any plants for any reason remember to ask first and offer something in return. This can be energy or a trinket. I like to offer healing energy and make sure to give the plants some physical contact. When we come into contact with the earth there is an ion transference that helps us balance stress. I imagine this relationship is symbiotic, as most in nature are. Because of this I like to help balance its ions in gratitude. If you feel like you shouldn’t pick a plant please don’t ignore this. This could mean it isn’t ready for harvest and either it told you or you picked this up somehow. If all of them say no then wait. Maybe there’s a more thriving plant coming your way shortly. There’s always a reason. Listen and you’ll never go wrong.

I’m going to take a minute and rant about our self care habits in today’s society. We over exert and ignore every sign of being unwell until we are forced to listen. To properly heal we must be preventative. Most importantly sacrifices must be made for our health. Remember, money is not worth your health. You can take it easy and lose a little, or you can push and end up losing a lot when it’s harder to recover. This lesson seems simple but is the hardest in today’s society when we have families to feed and staying home a day because you feel a little off seems like nonsense. Two days later you’re out for a week because you got too sick. You can’t support your family from a hospital bed. I had a job for years where I heard stories from several employees about having heart attacks or strokes while working because they couldn’t step away. Please don’t ever do this to yourself. Yes your family is important, but so are you. Listen to your body and do what it needs.

Coming back to the infusion at hand will introduce our first ingredient, the carrier oil. This Is the oil the plants will be infused in. I usually use grapeseed oil, as it’s wonderful for the skin, great for cooking, is in a number of beauty products, and has very little scent. Other oils to use are olive, almond, or jojoba. The oil you use is an important factor. For example jojoba oil has its own healing properties but can be costly. Grapeseed oil has little scent, is affordable, and food grade but isn’t as nice on the skin as almond and doesn’t have the healing properties of jojoba. If possible purchase your carrier from the grocery section as it will be food grade and usually half the cost. Everyone has their own preference so just try some out and see which you prefer. Ultimately I find it comes down to what is most cost efficient or might have on hand.

Comfrey is our first and one of the two most important herbs in this infusion. It is ruled by the planet Saturn and the element water. Comfrey speeds up tissue growth. This happens by the wound developing a thin, somewhat slimy scab very quickly which prevents anything coming in contact with the wound that may cause infection. It is very important not to ingest Comfrey. While Comfrey has been consumed for generations to aid in internal bleeding and healing, that was before all of the toxins we take in daily and the spike in environmentally caused illnesses. With today’s lifestyle there are too many risk factors to safely ingest Comfrey.

The second most important ingredient in the infusion is Plantain. This wild weed can be found literally anywhere. The best place to look is on the side of any road or the cracks in your driveway, as long as you’re positive it has not been sprayed with any toxins. It can be identified by the somewhat skeletal-like ribs on the back. The shirt, wide leafed plant will have three to eleven while the tall thin leaf will have one or two. Plantain is an excellent wound healer, helping relieve the itch from poison ivy or the pain from bites and stings. With its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties it thoroughly cleans wounds and helps fight infection. The magical correspondences for plantain are venus and earth and its properties are healing, protection, and strength.

Calendula is an anti-inflammatory and wonderful for sores and painful joints. Its magical properties are healing, strength, and love. Its magical correspondences are Sun and fire.

Yarrow is excellent for wound healing as it helps stop bleeding. It’s magical correspondences are Venus and water. Its magical properties are courage and love.

While the use of lavender to help with stress and sleep is common, most forget it’s oil has been used to help with burns for hundreds of years. With magical properties like peace, protection, longevity, and it’s wonderful scent and flavor I use it as often as possible. The magical correspondences of lavender are Mercury and air.

Echinacea is an antiviral and is used most often to boost the immune system. Antivirals used topically can help prevent the spread of many viruses. I cannot speak to covid, but it does an excellent job both topically and internally. It also relieves pain and inflammation making it a wonderful addition to this infusion.

Rosemary is one of my favorite medicinal herbs as it does so much. Rosemary is amazing internally for headaches as it thins the blood platelets. Externally it relieves itching or pain from bites and stings and increases blood flow complimenting other herbs by helping them act faster. Its correspondences are the Sun and the element fire and its magical properties are protection, love and healing.

Bayleaf acts similarly to rosemary in its respect to muscle pain and blood circulation, but does not help with bites or stings. Bayleaf’s magical correspondences are the Sun and fire and its properties are protection, healing, and strength.

Thyme adds an antifungal to this infusion and has the correspondences of venus and water. Its magical properties are healing and purification. Cedarwood oil can also be used in place of thyme to acquire a similar effect.

Once all of the ingredients have been collected I like to charge them. I do this under a significant astrological event such as a supermoon plus something, planetary conjunction, or significant meteor shower. This year I will be using the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter to charge the herbs for my next batch. I do this one of two ways, my location deciding which. Either I charge stones with the event’s energy and use it to charge the plants, or I put the ingredients in separate bowls with a stone in each representing the plant’s energy. I then put these bowls in whichever crystal grid pattern speaks to me and charge them using the grid under the sky during the celestial event, preferably in the woods.




You will need 3 Tbls of each dried herb or 5 Tbls fresh.

Take your herbs and place them in either a crock pot or in a pot on the stove. Pour enough carrier oil over the herbs to completely cover them, but no more.The lower the heat you use the better so long as the oil is slightly heated.

For a crock pot, place it on its lowest setting, usually a warm setting, for 6-10 hours, stirring every hour or so.

For the stovetop, put the mixture at the lowest heat setting and stir once every 10 minutes or so. If your stove gets a little too hot this will be more of a hands on process with stirring every 5 minutes or so and removing the infusion from the heat any time it gets too hot. Never let it get anywhere near a boil.

A small crock pot can be obtained for roughly $10 if you plan on making infusions regularly and have this problem, or if you just need a small crockpot.



Once the infusion is complete, strain it through cheesecloth and store in an amber bottle in a cupboard out of the sun. This will increase the shelf life of your infusions and Tinctures. I like to throw mine out after a year but stored correctly it will keep up to two.


As we are coming into our colder months and arthritic pains are bound to make some lives hell i thought i would add a small bonus onto this article with my arthritis oil recipe. It is very simple with only 3 ingredients and is amazing for in-the-moment relief. Simply apply the oil then flex and release your hands to exercise the joints.

6oz Carrier oil

8-10 drops Arnica oil

5-8 drops Turmeric with cracked pepper oil

Add the arnica and turmeric to the carrier oil, mix by holding it in your hand and rotating your hand slowly in a circular motion back and forth. Do not shake tinctures or infusions vigorously.

Apply as needed.




About the Author:

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.