Video Book Review – Anton LaVey and The Church of Satan: Infernal Wisdom from the Devil’s Den by Carl Abrahamsson

Video Book Review
Anton LaVey and The Church of Satan:
Infernal Wisdom from the Devil’s Den
by Carl Abrahamsson
Publisher: Inner Traditions
367 Pages
Publication date: March 8, 2022



Bright Blessings!

Published by Inner Traditions in 2022, this brand new book is a grand 367 pages chock full of history, interviews with people such a Kenneth Anger, Blanche Barton, and Fr. Peter Gilmore, and musings about the “Infernal” Anton LaVey (1930-1997.) The book reads as a tribute to LaVey for his contributions to the counterculture ands the creation of Satanism, which has liberated many from the confines of soulless religion that sought to trap the soul. He worked to unleash our inner natural humanity and change how the world viewed spirituality. Watch my video review for some excerpts before buying your own copy of this great volume.



Blessed Be!


Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan: Infernal Wisdom from the Devil’s Den



About the Author:

Saoirse is a practicing witch, and initiated Wiccan of an Eclectic Tradition.

A recovered Catholic, she was raised to believe in heaven and hell, that there is only one god, and only one way to believe. As she approached her late 20’s, little things started to show her this was all wrong. She was most inspired by the saying “God is too big to fit into one religion” and after a heated exchange with the then associate pastor of the last Xtian church she attended, she finally realized she was in no way Xtian, and decided to move on to see where she could find her spiritual home.

Her homecoming to her Path was after many years of being called to The Old Ways and the Goddess, and happened in Phoenix, Arizona. She really did rise from her own ashes!

Upon returning to Ohio, she thought Chaos Magic was the answer, and soon discovered it was actually Wicca. She was blessed with a marvelous mentor, Lord Shadow, and started a Magical Discussion Group at local Metaphysical Shop Fly By Night. The group was later dubbed A Gathering of Paths. For a few years, this group met, discussed, did rituals, fellowship, and volunteering together, and even marched as a Pagan group with members of other groups at the local gay Pride Parade for eight years.

All the while, she continued studying with her mentor, and is still studying for Third Degree, making it to Second Degree thus far.

She is a gifted tarot reader, spellworker, teacher, and was even a resident Witch at a Westerville place dubbed The Parlor for a time.

Aside from her magical practice, she is a crocheter, beader, painter, and a good cook. She has been a clown and children’s entertainer, a Nursing Home Activities Professional, a Cavern Tour Guide, a Retail Cashier, and a reader in local shops. Her college degree is a BA in English Writing. She tried her hand at both singing and playing bagpipes, and…well…let’s just say her gifts lie elsewhere! She loves gardening, reading, antiques, time with friends and soul kin, and lots and lots of glorious color bedecking her small home!

On the encouragement of a loved one several years back, she searched for a publication to write for, and is right at home at PaganPagesOrg.

She is currently residing in Central Ohio with her husband, and furbabies.

Saoirse can be contacted at [email protected].