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A Snippet on Shungite



Shungite is a beautiful, black stone that is mainly Carbon. A fun fact about Shungite is that it contains nearly all the minerals in the periodic table of elements and is thought to be over 2 billion years old! Its element is Earth and is associated with Scorpio and Capricorn. Its main companion stone is Malachite and it’s found in Russia. 

    Shungite will boost your immune system, can help reduce inflammation and promote universal unity.  It is helpful for relieving stress and will soak up the negative energy to help balance emotions as well as purify water. Shungite can reduce inflammation and EMF (Electromagnetic frequencies) exposure. By wearing shungite, it will minimize and unionize the effects of EMF in your home and outside. You can place it on top of electronic and tech devices to harmonize the frequencies as they emit into your environment. 


    This stone facilitates astral travel and promotes universal unity while offering a protective energy shield. Shungite is like an emotional detox from heavy energy. It is essentially the light to the dark times in your life and is an amazing grounding stone. It also brings your spiritual body down into the physical plane and will banish things from your life that may be draining your energy. Shungite encourages you to learn more, do more and push onward.


    Shungite will help if you are struggling with stress, anxiety or are overwhelmed and you can even take a piece and put it over your eyes to help with puffiness. This beautiful, black stone will help protect you against psychic attacks. It’s suggested you either wear it as jewelry, place it on your devices or put a pyramid by your bed to counteract insomnia and headaches.



About the Author:

Merry meet! I’m Jazz and I’m a Canadian oddball. I love roller derby, kickboxing, spending time with my dog and husband & love all things art, craft and pagan!

I was raised by a Roman Catholic family but discovered Buddhism, then Paganism while in elementary school and have followed the Pagan path ever since.

My main deity is Gaia as she approached me in a dream and I feel a very strong connection to her.

I love working with runes and absorbing knowledge and working on my never ending book of shadows.

I have always been drawn to the arts & have done many crafts and randomness for as long as I can remember. I find it peaceful and it helps settle my mind. I enjoy drawing, painting, cross stitching, doll making, jewelry making and more! I hope to spread my love and passions with others and put as much positivity in the world as possible.

Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram! Thanks for popping by and Blessed Be!