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Worth the Witch Unboxes ‘Two Witches Whimsy’

Two Witches Whimsy’



This month’s Subscription Box we are Unboxing is from Two Witches Whimsy. Currently they have two boxes available on cratejoy:

The Whimsy Box! – Vegan & The Whimsy Box – Omnivore.


They both start at $25 a month for a 1 month trial or $23.33 for a 3-6 month subscription. Those prices includes the shipping within the USA. They do charge some for shipping outside of the United States. That is a reasonable request from them, as shipping has become quite expensive.





I love the arrival of a new Subscription Box!!! I get so excited! When the box arrives in the mail it comes in a plain white mailer as pictured. The only give away that it is Magick Mail is the address name of where it came from. So now we know one thing from the start; it is a good box for the closeted witch because of its anonymity.



But just in case you miss that Witch Vibe, as soon as that mailer is off, inside is a witchy looking, totally adorable box, with their wonderful logo to express all Its & Your Witchiness!



Each box opens to their beautiful Two Witches Whimsy logo on tissue paper and a handwritten, signed thank you note from the companies owners. How is that for a lovely personal touch?

You open their branded paper to a small bundle of cards approximately the size of postcards. The first one is stark white. It notes the theme of the box & then lists everything that should be in your box. Thank You!! So let’s take a look & see!


The Cards



First, I want to take a look at what these cards are. They seem to be a different shade of white then the ‘List Card’ and I like that because I keep getting them shuffled & mixed-up, it makes the ‘Info Card’ easier to find.

Looking at the List we see the cards should be 2 Recipes of the Month. Yummy! They are:

Southwest Paella

Rosemary Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Steak au Poivre

Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Cinnamon Honey Glaze

Oh my, I’m drooling, but wait, I count 4 recipes there. So we got 2 freebies, that weren’t on the List, I’ll take’em!

The recipes are written clearly. All ingredients are listed including substitutes. A bright, legible font is used & a good color was chosen. The recipes were not squeezed to fit the cards, but they are concisely written.

They sound so delicious, I can not wait to try them! But what do they have to do with the theme of the box…Beltane? The cards do not say. I guess you need to know or the research is up to you.

*Spice is popular on Beltane so the South West Paella fits in very nicely.

*Since Beltane is when herbs start becoming abundant I can see why there is the delicious recipe for Rosemary Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes.

*Livestock of course would be a main course during any Beltane Celebration so Steak a Poivre is perfect. Plus it pairs the steak with Beltane’s protected items: cream & butter!

*Lastly we have the Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Cinnamon Honey Glaze which captures Beltane in its Honey, Milk, Cinnamon, Cake glory. Who could ask for anything more?!?!?!

These recipes are holiday perfection!!


Chime Candles

Next up on our List I read this Whimsy Box contains …

1 Red Chime Candle

1 White Chime Candle



Pleasingly tied together with a white bow we find both Chime Candles in the box pretty as a picture. I like that they are not tied toooo tightly that the red would smear on the white. The card does not mention why it has included these 2 colors, but they are colors of Beltane.


Black Tellicherry Peppercorns



After the candles we find a 1oz. glass bottle of Organic Black Tellicherry Peppercorns. On the Two Witches Whimsy label placed on the bottle they conveniently list the properties of Pepper: Protection, Strength, Confidence, Stop Gossip, Hex-breaking, Creativity, Stimulate Digestion. Another added bonus they added that I like that most herbs fail to come with, an expiration date. Now you can tell how fresh they are and how long to keep them. Oh and 3 recipes that come with the box use pepper and 1 of them uses whole peppercorns.


Organic Cassia Cinnamon



Next to the Peppercorns we find a 1oz. Glass bottle of Organic Cassia Cinnamon. On the resplendent Two Witches Whimsy company label, that not only has an FDA warning, but a medical warning as well; they also have, the expiration date & list some of Cinnamon’s Properties for convenience: Protection, Luck, Love, Healing, Prosperity, Spiritual Awareness, Psychic Power, Quickening a Spell. Like the Peppercorns, the Cinnamon goes with a few of the recipes. This box fits together skillfully.


3 Cones of Dragon’s Blood Incense



Nicely packed in an organza bag we find three cones of Dragon’s Blood Incense Cones. They smell fantastic and feel fresh. The packaging is done well. Not sure what they have to do with Beltane, however, but I’m sure they are wonderful to burn on the holiday.


1″ Goddess Figurine



She is Purple & completely endearing. She feels like she is made from resin. She is solid and sturdy. She was placed in a lovely organza bag like the incense, with moons & stars on it. She arrives with extra protection around her. She was also in another bag for safe keeping to protect her. I LOVE HER! Like I said…endearing! You can put her on your altar, in a bowl of crystals, on a chain to wear, on a string for your car mirror, okay you get it, the options are endless with this Dear Goddess. Great to use in any Beltane ritual. Love, Love, LOVE!!


Bundle of Pine Needles



Lastly we come across, not mentioned on the List, a neatly tied, with a piece of teal yarn, bundle of long, luxurious, pine needles. The bouquet smells fresh, of woods & is deep in color. They move elegantly and give a slight prick from the tips.

It is a tree associated with the holiday. It is known magickally for: Healing, Purification, Fertility, Immortality, Protection, Exorcism, Wealth, & Energy. Though not mentioned on the List, they are a welcome addition.


So Is It Worth the Witch??

Firstly I do the math of the box…Make sure everything is up to par there. I figure in each product. Guess at their cost for shipping even their cost for packaging. This box works out to be just right for the price. Especially if you go for a multiple month subscription.

Two Witches Whimsy seem to be trying to connect everything they do. Make Everything have an entwined purpose. One thing in the box, like the herbs, leading to another, the recipes. I really enjoyed that. Even their wrapping! They should keep that up. But follow along throughout.

What bothered me is that they didn’t give information on items in the box and why they were there, what they had to do with Beltane, what you should or could do with them. Like it is, it is just some random pieces in a box labeled Beltane it can seem if you don’t know.

I love that Two Witches Whimsy donate a portion of each box to a local food bank in California. Their boxes benefit your body and soul by nourishing it inside and out (with food & magick). Also, they sustainably source.

All in all, what was in the box was useful. It did have to do with Beltane. The recipes and herbs went with each other, which is fantastic. The price is right. I find this Subscription Box by Two Witches WhimsyWorth the Witch!


The owners of Two Witches Whimsy shared some of their time for a ‘Get to Know You,’ Q & A session. Here’s how that went!



Jennifer Wright (JW): Hello Lisa & Andrea!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you both!  I had a chance to go through your box.  Thank you so much for sending it to PaganPagesOrg for our readers to experience & get to know.  Just so you know and our readers know, in upcoming months lucky readers will be receiving items from your box in giveaways, monthly.  As with all boxes & products that come to us at PaganPagesOrg, we break them down into prizes for our readers.  We thank you for your contribution, Two Witches WhimsyCan you tell us how you both know each other? 

Lisa & Andrea (L&A): We are a mother-daughter duo/business owners! 


JW: That is so beautiful!  A family business! Do you find it more pleasurable to work now that you are together doing what you like & creating magick? 

L&A: Yes! We have always loved working together. I have been Andrea’s accompanist since she was very small. She’s a singer; both classical and musical theater!  This business allows us to create outside of music using our magick and interest in Paganism and witching. We rarely disagree and are very courteous to one another when it comes to ideas or directions we want the business to go. I think the courteousness stems from respecting each other as artists and goes way beyond just a mother-daughter relationship!


JW: When did you decide to go into business together & why?   How did you come up with your business name?

L&A: We decided last fall (2021) that we wanted to express ourselves with a different business than we are both currently in. We are music teachers with large private studios.  Going into business together is very natural since we work very well with each other and we both have different strengths in terms of running a business. We were both into the witching/Pagan community and really liked the idea of a subscription box in which we could tailor the contents to the community, especially kitchen witches. Lisa (mom) came up with the name after a few tries. We liked that it included two witches and the fact that we do like to work things on a whim, hence whimsy!


JW: Is your company online, brick & mortar, or a mixture of both? 

L&A: Our company is currently only online at Cratejoy but we will be doing conventions in the very near future. We anticipate adding different lines in addition to our subscription box like handmade witches hats. 


JW: Where will you be selling your hats and new goods in the near future?

L&A: So far, we are committed to a booth at the Long Beach Comic Con in southern California over Labor Day weekend and will be offering them online at We are currently looking into other festivals and conventions for later this year and early next year.


JW: What made you decide to make your own subscription boxes?  Did you feel the magickal community was lacking something in some way? 

L&A: We liked the format of a subscription box because people, especially those in the “broom closet” are not too keen on going out to stores to buy their wares. Also, many places in our country and beyond do not have a lot of store fronts that cater to the witching/Pagan community. Yes, we did feel that the magickal community was lacking in subscription boxes specifically for kitchen witches. Many other businesses have witch based subscription boxes but none that included the items we offer. A lot of gems, crystals, and smudging bundles.


JW: I must agree.  Your box is very much towards kitchen witchery unlike other boxes.  It was pleasing to see that you stayed to topic, as well.  That you didn’t throw in just this and that.  That it all stayed towards your recipes and what is needed for the Kitchen Witch. 

L&A: Thank you!!! =D


JW: Are all of your boxes recipe based?  If so, how did you know this was the direction you wanted to go in?  

L&A: Our boxes always include at least 2 recipes and 2 herbs/spices that are not usually in the kitchen pantry.  We offer omnivore and Vegan options. We wanted to go towards the kitchen witch niche since we both identify that way and also that there wasn’t anything for people who want to carry their spiritual practice into the kitchen and include it in their food. We thought this would also entice people of all spiritual backgrounds to become more involved in the witch community. 


JW: What do you feel is so important about the Kitchen in Witchery?

L&A: We both feel that sometimes the witching community can be “aggressively witchy” i.e. everything black, gothic, pentagrams, etc.  Our box is very NOT that in that we wanted people who were in the “broom closet”, consider themselves baby witches, or just spiritual people who were interested in learning about the community.  Since everyone loves to eat, we thought this was a gentle way to educate and introduce intention and spell casting into their cooking. 


JW: Are you both Kitchen Witches yourselves?

L&A: Yes.


JW: What brought you BOTH to your Kitchen Witch paths?

L&A: Andrea was looking for something spiritual outside of her Buddhist upbringing. Even though she has not completely tossed out the philosophy and culture she was taught, she no longer felt the ceremony and ritual connecting with her spirituality. We are both Reiki masters and have used energy work for healing and intention setting for the past decade. I was brought up with a spiritually diverse family and have really felt the pull of setting intention with my cooking and baking. Andrea really helped me to understand more about the witching community and I began educating myself about the history, lore, and traditions of the different categories of witches. Since I come from a part Greek family, kitchen witching seemed very natural for me! =)


JW: How do you decide what to put in your boxes monthly? 

L&A: We decided to tailor each monthly box according to the Pagan holiday or full moon. The flavors, scents, colors, symbols, etc. for each month are included in the items that we choose and that provides a lot of variety. 


JW: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you or your company? 

L&A: We are female owned, my daughter is a person of color, we try our very best to make sure all of our packaging and products are sustainably resourced and can be recycled or reused. Most everything is in glass, paper, or cloth. We are open to constructive suggestions or comments on how we can improve our products!


JW: A portion of your earnings is also donated?  

L&A: Yes! I totally forgot to mention that we donate $1 from every box that is purchased. We either give to the Los Angeles Food Bank or the Orange County Food Bank. 


I would like to take this moment to thank Lisa & Andrea for taking time with us and our readers to get to know them & their products.  We wish them Blessings in all their endeavors!!


You Can Reach Two Witches Whimsy at the following:

Their Site:

Cratejoy: Two Witches Whimsy on Cratejoy





Order yours now!



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