Deck Review – The Mood Oracle by Natalie Meraki

Deck Review
The Mood Oracle
By Natalie Meraki
Independently Published
69-card deck











“A Disgustingly Relatable Oracle Deck”

They ain’t kidding when they say Disgusting. There some really offensive cards in this deck, and if you don’t like vulgar humor or happen to be easily offended (no judgment) then you might want to skip this review and deck all together.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have to admit that I’ve actually started warming to this disgusting oracle (so many poop references!) and those of you still with me might actually enjoy the readings this naughty little deck has to offer.

The Mood Oracle comes in a 5″ x 5″ box with a flip top (like a cigaret box). Keeping with the Mood vibe, the background of the box is the same yellow as the Tarot Mood box, but the Oracle also has a swirling rainbow circle full of crystals, sunshine, alien ships, and winged flying dicks. Cocks. Penisessess. Whatever.

The cards are squares 4.5″ x 4.5″ inches (just under, but close enough). Plastic card-stock, and backs that are teal with pink and yellow crystals.

This deck, like the Mood Tarot before it, doesn’t come with a guidebook. You’re expected to read the cards intuitively, and that’s okay. I do wish there was a little background to some of the cards, why they were picked and what deeper meaning we can read from them. Oh wait, never mind… this deck isn’t that deep! Or is it?

The 69 square cards are anything but square, they have no filter and love to just shove the messiness of being human into your face. I thought they would be hard to shuffle because of the shape, but they were actually easy with the plastic card-stock giving them such flexibility and bend-ability. The artwork is not high end or anything, it’s more like a high school newspaper comic section. But that actually pairs with the vibe of this deck perfectly.

After going through the deck the first time, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to work with this in your face vulgarity, but now that I’ve actually started playing around with the deck and got over my Puritanical programing I find that this deck can give some great readings. Just because it’s potty humor doesn’t mean that it can’t work like an Oracle should.

That being said, I have a feeling this deck isn’t for everyone, but if you’re fun and love to be loud and in your face about the messiness of being a human being the biggest joke of the Divine, then I think this deck would be a good fit for you!

Final Thoughts

When I got this thing called the Mood Oracle I knew it wasn’t going to be something serious, considering I already had the Mood Tarot, but it was so out there and rude that I wasn’t even sure I could write this review at first. Then I started just playing with the cards and not taking them too seriously, embracing the offense and learning to work with the deck. It surprised me greatly, yes there’s lots of jokes about poop, sex, and spirituality; but when I started doing readings with it, I saw that it could still give concise and clear answers, even if they were tongue in cheek.

If you want to work through any feeling of being uptight, you couldn’t be uptight after using this deck and having it’s vulgarity in your face, while giving great readings. The other great thing about this deck is that it’s plastic! That means you can take it to the bar and give readings there, or just use the cards as coasters and see what everyone gets for their personal message for the night. The possibilities are endless!

Now I’m wondering what a reading with both the Mood Tarot and Mood Oracle together would end up looking like? Probably an in your face naughtiness that doesn’t hold back from telling you how it is. Something to look forward to, for sure.

Happy Card Slinging My Witches!

About Natalie Meraki

Natalie Meraki is an artist, mawm, Weirdo, and lover of weirdos. She resides in Casper, Wyoming with her family. Natalie is the creator behind Tarot Mood, the CARTA award winning Young Witch Tarot and more! She is also the owner of Laughing Cat Publishing and Meraki Metaphysical. She calls her work Esoteric Edutainment (education and entertainment.) When not being weird for work, Natalie is being weird with her family. Then there’s the karaoke…










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Jonathan has been reading Tarot for over 33+ years. He has had many teachers, and has experienced many Spiritual Truths. He even had the honor of teaching a Beginner’s Tarot Reading class!

He has swam with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, and Whales in Hawaii; ran barefoot in the jungle with the Ticos of Costa Rica; danced the Naraya with the Shoshone; Prayed at Buddhist Temples in Thailand, China, and Japan; wandered the green hills of Ireland, studied Acupuncture in China; and has had many more adventures!

Jonathan’s love of the Tarot started when he was in Summer Camp (in New Jersey of all places) and was privileged to take a class with a Magus who taught the group not only the Tarot, but also crystals, Runes, pendulums, energy work, spell casting, Past Life Regressions, and many other “New Age” practices. That class was one of the catalysts for Jonathan’s own Spiritual Awakening to his many past lives, and his Higher Purpose.

Jonathan is an Acupuncturist who has created his own style of acupuncture aided past life regressions using gold needles. Jonathan is a Certified Health Coach. He has lost count of how many readings he’s given, and decks he’s collected, over the last 3 decades. Find more from Jonathan on YouTube.