Book Review – Radiant Circles: Ecospirituality and the Church of All Worlds by Alder MoonOak

Book Review

Radiant Circles

Ecospirituality and the Church of All Worlds

by Alder MoonOak

Publisher: Moon Books

320 Pages

Published: November 1, 2022



Alder MoonOak states in the introduction of this book that Neo-Paganism is one of the fastest growing religions in the Western World. Although this religion has the optics of being new – the beliefs and practices originate in natural magick and earthy traditions that support a synchronicity to the ways of nature.

This book examines Neopaganism and the belief system of the Church of All Worlds. Alder MoonOak cites many theological, cultural and historical works. He explores Ecospirituality and includes Spirit, Humanity and the Earth, in great detail. In Radiant Circles he draws on his over 20 years of experience with nature religions and new religious movements.

The chapter Ecospirtual Evolutionaries includes excerpts from many cultural writings of historians and philosophers alike. This is to give us a background of writings that support the ideologies of the Church of All Worlds. The mission of the Church of All Worlds is to evolve a network of information, mythology and experience. The belief is that through tribal communities that are dedicated to the responsible stewardship of the evolution of consciousness a context and stimulus for a reawakening can and will be provided. This chapter ends with a Chapter Conclusion that summarizes and articulately categorizes the information that has been presented.

Chapters Four and Five are dedicated to the discussion of the Church of All Worlds’ beliefs and practices. These chapters explore the writings and teachings of Morning Glory and Oberon Zell – the founder of the Church of All Worlds. Although these chapters appear to focus on the ideology behind the Church, Alder MoonOak continues to cite other writings and teachings. This gives the reader a broader and unbiased perspective as to the ethics and rationality that contributed to the belief systems that form the mission of the Church of All Worlds.

The Endnotes at the conclusion of these writings does not disappoint. The conclusion of the book continues to be as comprehensive and fulsome in the presentation of the beliefs of many theological and cultural historians.

This was a refreshingly intellectual presentation in support of many spiritual and mythological practices. Thank you Alder MoonOak – Thank you.

Alder MoonOak grew up in Miami, Florida in a Pentecostal Christian family. Because he always felt displace his life’s journey was to seek out spirituality, study ecospiritual philosophies, write about nature religions, and practice Paganism. He received his MA in Religion from the University of Florida in 2003 and his PhD in Religious Humanities from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2009. He served as Priest of the Church of All Worlds and was the Founder of the Sacred Oak Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans within the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville.


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