Book Review – Little Book of Satanism by La Carmina

Book Review

Little Book of Satanism

by La Carmina

Foreword by Lucian Greaves

Publisher: Ulysses Press

143 Pages

Published: November 1, 2022



The Devil is in the Details.

What comes to mind when you hear the name Satan? Is it dark hidden cults performing horrific sacrifices in hidden groves with giant owl statues? Serial killers mutilating their victims with strange occult symbols? The Satanic Panic of the 80’s with the fear of Heavy Metal Music played backwards, and Dungeons and Dragons indoctrinating children? The Satanic Temple who uses Freedom of Speech to spread their Gospel?

That last one is actually true, but the others have been proven to have never really existed. This book does a great job of showing us what Satanism actually is, and not the sensational tales of horror that accompany the idea of Satanism. Modern Satanists are nonviolent, non-theistic, outsiders who stand up for knowledge, reason, and justice. The book shares the history of the Devil and how it has shaped our Culture and History through the centuries, from the Middles Ages through to the 21st Century.

Time and Time again the Devil has become the scapegoat for our social issues, from the Witch Hunts of old to the Satanic Panic of the 80’s. Modern Satanists use the image of Satan as a metaphor for the resistance against superstition and arbitrary authority. It’s time to discard the old view of the Devil, as Modern Satanism’s values actually oppose injustice and speak up for nonconformity, free inquiry, and personal liberty.

We get a history lesson, first looking into how Satan was formed from several Near East religions, from Set in Egypt, to Pan in Greece, to the Duality of Zoroastrianism and the idea of Free Will to follow Shadow or Light. This Amalgam becomes the Satan of Biblical fame, also know as Lucifer aka the Morning Star, as well as many other names, just a few of them: Beelzebub (“Lord of the Flies”), Leviathan, Mephistopheles, and Belial./span>

The thing about Satan is it’s easy to use that mythical figure to abuse and accuse ostracized groups of people who don’t fit the mold of the regular community. It was the case in the Witch Hunts of Europe and the early Americas, usually women who were “difficult” or had too much power in a mans world, or knew herbalism, or were simply spinsters trying to make their way in the world. To this day we still have “Satanic Panic,” like in the 1980’s when Musicians were accused of adding subliminal, demoniacal messages in their songs that allegedly caused Satanic brainwashing through music, and how Dungeons and Dragons was “grooming” kids to become Satanists.

The historical background found in this book is well worth the read, just to see how the
actions of some authorities and the hoaxes of others are still coloring our view of Satan and Satanism. Many so called “Historical Facts” about Satanism are unfounded in real history, and are simply echoes of group-panics and smear campaigns by the Church, and other authority figures, scared of loosing their secular power.

Once people started seeing Satanism and the Devil in a different light, the idea of Satanism as a secular movement took off. From the Hellfire Clubs of the of the 1700’s, to the Church of Satan from the 1960’s with LaVey’s The Satanic Bible, to today’s The Satanic Temple founded in 2013, Modern Day Satanists are more focused on reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the freedom of everyone to find happiness in life, without the guilt of organized religions telling you that you “sinned,” instead of living up to the crazy horrors from tv, movies, and religious fervor.

I’ve Got Questions!

This book is an amazing exploration of the history of the Devil, how Religious and Secular Rulers have used the fear of “the Devil will get you” to control the masses, and subjugate those on the outskirts of society; now the masses are flipping the same idea of the Devil in organized Satanism to fight against the stasis quo and help the marginalized. This book has definitely changed how I see Satanism and the Devil, something that was scary because of centuries of social programing no longer has a hold on me. If you’re interested in finding out the history of Satanism and the Devil Himself, this is a great little book to start with. The Selected Bibliography in the back has a great list of reading materials to keep you busy for years to come.

Hail Satan my Witches!

La Carmina is an award-winning travel, subcultures and style journalist, leading blogger, author of 4 books including THE LITTLE BOOK OF SATANISM, and TV presenter on major networks worldwide (Travel Channel, Food Network, Discovery, Nat Geo, ABC, and many more). Her popular La Carmina blog – – won “Best Blog of the Year”, and she received a journalism award from the Society of American Travel Journalists. LaCarmina is especially known for her positive reports on Goth, Satanism and other alt cultures around the world.

La Carmina appears as an expert on fashion, lifestyle and travel TV shows worldwide. Her hosting credits include NBC (“Better Late Than Never” with William Shatner and Henry Winkler), Discovery (“Oddities“), The Purge TV / Blumhouse, National Geographic (“Taboo“, “Roam“), Food Network (“World’s Weirdest Restaurants“), Travel Channel (“Bizarre Foods“ with Andrew Zimmern, “No Reservations“ with Anthony Bourdain promo, “Could I Live There“), “The Doctors,” “Today Show,” “CNN”, “ABC Nightline”, “Kawaii TV” for NHK Japan, and appearances on numerous international networks (Canal Plus France, Pro Sieben Germany, NRK Norway, Fashion TV).

In addition to her extensive social network and blog following, La Carmina published four nonfiction books with major publishers Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House, and writes for publications including CNN, Time Magazine, Architectural Digest, AFAR Travel, Google Travel, Business Insider, Sunday Times, and Home in Canada. Her speeches and public appearances include NY Fashion Week, MediaBistro NYC, PechaKucha Tokyo, TEDx, and global conferences.

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About the Author:

Jonathan Dailey

Jonathan has been reading Tarot for over 33+ years. He has had many teachers, and has experienced many Spiritual Truths. He even had the honor of teaching a Beginner’s Tarot Reading class!

He has swam with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, and Whales in Hawaii; ran barefoot in the jungle with the Ticos of Costa Rica; danced the Naraya with the Shoshone; Prayed at Buddhist Temples in Thailand, China, and Japan; wandered the green hills of Ireland, studied Acupuncture in China; and has had many more adventures!

Jonathan’s love of the Tarot started when he was in Summer Camp (in New Jersey of all places) and was privileged to take a class with a Magus who taught the group not only the Tarot, but also crystals, Runes, pendulums, energy work, spell casting, Past Life Regressions, and many other “New Age” practices. That class was one of the catalysts for Jonathan’s own Spiritual Awakening to his many past lives, and his Higher Purpose.

Jonathan is an Acupuncturist who has created his own style of acupuncture aided past life regressions using gold needles. Jonathan is a Certified Health Coach. He has lost count of how many readings he’s given, and decks he’s collected, over the last 3 decades. Find more from Jonathan on YouTube.