Book Review-The Wheel of the Year; Your Nurturing Guide to Discovering Nature’s Seasons and Cycles by Rebecca Beattie

Book Review

The Wheel of the Year

Your Nurturing Guide to

Discovering Nature’s Seasons and Cycles

by Rebecca Beattie

Publisher: Elliott And Thompson Limited

224 Pages

Published: October 27, 2022



Dr Rebecca Beatttie has drawn inspiration for her many years of teaching about the wheel from nature. She has captured her knowledge gained from those years here. Her writings make a great guidebook to assist one to live life in step with the seasons of nature. Throughout the book she makes reference to the oral traditions that were not formally recorded. Sometimes stories are forgotten or altered based on the storyteller’s interpretation. Rebecca makes references to these stories that are sometimes considered to be folklore.

In her introduction to the Wheel of the Year, she very clearly articulates what the wheel is and how it can be used. There are “try this” exercises that are intended to be practiced in conjunction with the cycles of nature. By following her calendar you will give yourself an opportunity to align or realign your own life every six weeks. Connecting back to a more steady, less frantic way of life in this way allows for much needed moments of respite from the busyness of day to day happenings.

Each one of the eight chapters is dedicated to one of the eight festivals in the Pagan calendar. For each Sabbat she speaks to the associated planetary ruler, tarot card, astrological sign and the cardinal/intercardinal compass point. Throughout the book there are short rituals for pause and reflection. When practiced, these rituals will allow one time to connect to one’s self and nature. The further reading section gives suggestions for additional exploration of the concepts she presents in her book.

Although the works she presents here are based on the Pagan calendar and nature there are also many other aspects that have been given consideration. Science has been considered as she speaks to the weather of the seasons relative to the axis of the earth. References and comparisons to many other cultures and countries are consistent. Traditions of Egypt, Sudan, and Mumbai as well as Celtic folklore and that of Pagans and Christianity are a few that are mentioned in this guidebook.

Thank you Rebecca for putting into print the many years of your teachings around The Wheel of the Year!

Rebecca Beattie considers herself lucky to have grown up in Dartmoor. She attributes this to giving her an early love of nature and a passion for reading books. She continues to be inspired by nature and ancient traditions from around the world.

She studied for an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck, University of London, and then a PhD in Creative Writing at Middlesex University. Her PhD thesis was based on the author Mary Webb because of her microscopic observances of nature.

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