#167 – The Ostara Issue

Blessed Ostara!

What’s going on? It’s only February — so why are we talking about Ostara?

Well, we decided to make a change! We are embracing the Wheel of the Year as a schedule for our releases this year, so you’ll be getting a new issue every Sabbat. Each issue will be themed according to the next Sabbat on the calendar, so that you have all the information that you might need to plan your seasonal rituals, celebrations, and spell work throughout the year. And there’s so much more coming! We’re adding new columns and new writers, so we have a lot of new content on the way.


  • Learning Luna: Moon Magic and Mystery — a new monthly column all about the moon, from Mabh Savage!
  • It’s All Rite — a new monthly column about rituals, from Lynn Woike!
  • Living the Oily Life — a new monthly column about essential oils and how to use them, from Angela Ammon!

Also in this issue:

  • Interviews with authors Alysa Bartha and Elen Sentier!
  • Book reviews: Druidry, Trees, Tarot, Ritual, and much more!
  • We say good-bye to Lady Saoirse’s monthly column Celebrating the Old Times in New Ways, one of our longest-running columns, which has been going since 2016! (But don’t worry, Lady Saoirse’s not going anywhere — she’ll be back next issue with a brand new Tarot column!)


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