Sarah McMenomy is a visionary artist, author, and witch. Pulling inspiration from trance states, dreams, auras, psychedelia, and the natural world, she weaves together themes of nature and the occult in her artwork and writing. She has created art and written for books, magazines, games, and more, as well as producing digital fine art prints and acrylic paintings. She is the creator of The Entanglement Tarot, a hex-shaped occult Tarot deck designed for spell-craft. She is co-runner of Pagan Pages, for which she also writes articles and book reviews, and she also publishes art on her Portfolio site and other work on her Tumblr.

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    #165 — The Samhain Issue

    Hallowed Samhain! — This October, we: Celebrate a Hallowed Samhain with correspondences, recipes, and more… Sit down with Pagan elder Oberon Zell to discuss Neopaganism, the Green Egg, and the Church of All Worlds… Explore the magickal benefits of Middle Eastern Oud incense… Review a whole bunch of new Pagan Portals titles… Delve into the Mood Tarot & Mood Oracle… Share book excerpts & poetry… Plus — Tons of book reviews — A review of The Rota Mundi Tarot — Working with the Gods when you have ADHD — and much more!  

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    As Above, So Below (How the Stars Became Our Hearts)

    Does the Universe Care? Throughout the ages, human consciousness has sought to scratch the surface of reality, and those who are able get peek behind the scenes have a different takeaway. For every NDE (near death experience) where a person claims to have seen god and a universe beyond understanding and been reunited with loved ones, you have a claim of those who saw nothing at all. Locally, with experiences like church and psychedelics, some report profound experiences, other’s experience profound boredom. If you dig deeper into the wisdom of the sages, you’ll still be disappointed. While it is popular to believe great minds think alike, it would seem they…

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    Book Review – Pagan Portals: Demeter by Robin Corak

    Book Review Pagan Portals: Demeter by Robin Corak Published by Moon Books 128 pages Publication date: October 1, 2022                     Pagan Portals: Demeter by Robin Corak is a short, well-researched book offering a modern, magical, and psychological approach to working with the ancient goddess. Corak begins with Demeter’s story as it is relayed in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, along with a few mythological tidbits from other ancient sources to give different perspectives of the goddess. The book moves on to discuss the rites specific to the historic worship of Demeter, to provide a basis for the personal work to follow.…

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    Book Review – The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life by Jacque Aye

    Book Review The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life: Find Your Inner Power, Fight Everyday Evil & Save the Day with Self-Care by Jacque Aye Published by Ulysses Press 192 pages Publication date: December 21, 2021     The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life is an anime-inspired approach to self-help for magical girls of any age. Guided by the gentle and encouraging hand of Jacque Aye, the reader is taken on a journey through personal growth and empowerment as explored through the animé trope of the “magical girl” or mahou shoujo, which can be seen in shows and movies like Sailor Moon, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and others. Featuring colorful, lighthearted illustrations…

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    The Lughnasadh Issue

    Blessed Lughnasadh! — This harvest holiday, we have a wonderful issue for you! We have an extensive interview with Natalie Meraki, as well as book reviews of the latest books from Jason Miller, Gabriel Herstik, and many more. Visit our Facebook page to enter our Big Harvest Giveaway! We’ll be giving one prize away every two weeks — follow the PaganPagesOrg Facebook page to learn more!

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    Book Review – Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch: A Practical Guide to Healing Herbs, Tea Leaf Reading, and Botanical Spells by Elsie Wild

    Book Review Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch: A Practical Guide to Healing Herbs, Tea Leaf Reading, and Botanical Spells by Elsie Wild Published by Ulysses Press 224 pages Publication date: November 23, 2021     If you like tea and want to know more about its magical use, you’re certain to enjoy Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch. This book is a modern introduction to basic herbs, mixing and brewing tea, tasseography, and basic herbal magic. The first chapter explores the history of herbalism and tasseography. This history is fairly short, but provides a good basis of context for what follows. Chapter two lists a number of…

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    Book Review – Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies by Jason Miller

    Book Review Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies by Jason Miller Published by Weiser Books 240 pages Publication date: May 1, 2022     I’ve been a student of Jason Miller’s Sorcery of Hekate course over the last few years, and have already read his Protection and Reversal Magic; The Sorcerer’s Secrets; Sex, Sorcery, and Magic; and The Elements of Spellcrafting, so it should come as no surprise that I was pretty excited to receive his latest book, Consorting with Spirits. If you’re familiar with his other work then you’re probably already familiar with some of the content of this book, as much of his written…

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    Interview with Natalie Meraki of Laughing Cat Publishing

    Natalie Meraki is an artist, mother, deck creator, author, business owner, and all-around wonderful weirdo! Natalie is also the brains behind the infectiously funny Tarot Mood group on Facebook, a place which accepts all manner of occult delinquents, and where I first met her. I got to interview her this month for our cover feature, and I decided to find out what makes this weirdo tick… You’re so prolific, it’s hard to know where to start. As a deck creator, you’ve made The Mood Tarot, The Love Light & Go F*%k Yourself deck, the Mood Oracle, and you collaborated with Bob Smithies to create the CARTA Award-winning Young Witch Tarot.…

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    Book Review – Tarot Priestess: Using the Cards to Heal, Grow & Serve by Leeza Robertson

    Book Review Tarot Priestess: Using the Cards to Heal, Grow & Serve By Leeza Robertson Published by Llewellyn Publications 219 pages     Tarot Priestess is a 5 1/4 inch by 8 inch soft cover book with a matte finish full color front cover showing the book’s title and a closeup of an image from The High Priestess of the Major Arcana. My copy is an uncorrected proof (not for sale), with a back cover containing the publishing information and a brief bio of the author. I am assuming the final version would have a different book back. Tarot Priestess contains 219 pages with black print on sturdy off-white paper…

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    The Litha Issue

    Summer Solstice Book Giveaway! — Go visit our Facebook page and comment on our Summer Book Giveaway post to enter to win a copy of Hector Salva’s Espiritsmo: Puerto Rican Mediumship and Magic, which was reviewed by Saoirse in this issue of Pagan Pages. We’ll announce a winner live on Facebook at noon on the Summer Solstice, so stay tuned!