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Poetry by Angela C Wood

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash



Witch’s Trance

counting down from 5 to 1

relax your body and mind

reaching down to number 4

seeing 3 so you see more


for 2 it takes you to the deep

finding love and finding peace

I will bring you to this dance

fully charged in the Witch’s Trance


release your worries and your woes

feeling lifted as your light grows

charging up to find the truth

getting rid of what’s no use


enjoying peace and harmony

in this place will show

your power, strength and ability

to nurture the seeds you sow


a time for you, your needs are met

goals and petitions here you get

make sure you come back 1 to 5

back to your body and open your eyes


Witch Craft

faith it has to be assured

beginning in this rite


in love and self respect

we have condition to this rite

imagination is to intent

can be used and will be spent


your will to have reflection

extending expectation


secrets as secrets does

secrets are just because


One Mind

feel the floor beneath your feet

grounded by the fire you meet

with golden light giving perfect love

the elements below, as above


a simple place of majic and power

rejoicing in this simple hour

no tools, no alter and no incense burning

you’re power inside is what you are learning


your majic of psyche and power of the mind

an essence of one being part of the hive

surrounding yourself of being aware

UN divided in the minds we share


divisible by three, the general rule of thumb

available to all and seen by the sum

we are blessed with the mind of three

the levels of conscious is what we see


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Angela C Wood