Book Review – Witches, Druids and Sin Eaters: The Common Magic of the Cunning Folk of the Welsh Marches by Jon G. Hughes with Sophie Gallagher

Book Review

Witches, Druids and Sin Eaters:
The Common Magic of the Cunning Folk
of the Welsh Marches 

by Jon G. Hughes with Sophie Gallagher

Publisher: Destiny Books

312 Pages

Published: September 2022



Witches, Druids and Sin Eaters: The Common Magic of the Cunning Folk of the Welsh Marches by Jon G. Hughes and Sophie Gallagher represents the collaboration between a lineage Druid and a witchcraft researcher and is a thorough and comprehensive guide to the ancient magickal practices of the people of the Welsh Marches. The insight that Mr. Hughes and Ms. Gallagher bring to this tome is clearly evident in the content as a lineage of Druidry and impeccable research speaks through every page.

The Welsh Marches define the ancient borderland between Wales and England, an area that has had a profound influence on the history of the British Isles… the Marches have a potent history of conflict, change and uncertainty that has bred a unique people and culture, establishing itself as a lasting repository for ancient witchcraft, Druidic lore, and occult practice…

The success of this writing was largely aided by Mr. Hughes and Ms. Gallagher’s access to the archives of the National Museum Wales, local museums found within the Welsh Marches, ancient texts and the compilation of a Grimoire highlighting the spells and workings uncovered. A nice addition is found in the center section of photographs of specific tools and artifacts that were part of the remaining tools of Welsh craft.

Witches, Druids and Sin Eaters: The Common Magic of the Cunning Folk of the Welsh Marches is separated into two (2) parts and eighteen (18) chapters. The Bibliography is sparse in offerings, but I suspect that to be the result of first-hand experience and already accumulated research rather than relying on the more academic approach. That being said, everything about this title is scholarly in the best sense of the meaning. The Index is a necessary and appreciated resource to allow the reader to more accurately find points of reference that would be more transparently embedded in a plethora of information.

Part 1: Witchcraft and Druidic Lore of the Welsh Marches provides the reader with the foundational historic information that will be of use in Part 2: Grimoire of the Welsh Marches. The rituals and spell workings in this section are unlike most that a reader would normally come across in lesser researched books. Additionally, they are very specific to the culture and mindset of an ancient peoples that are not easily applicable to modern magick.

Reading through the chapters of Part 1: Witchcraft and Druidic Lore of the Welsh Marches transports the reader into the mysteries of the ancient folk who practiced their magick using nature-found materials, witch spell bottles, wax poppits and more. There is a sense of authenticity and purpose that was both a necessary device to maintain secrecy in some areas and the deep connection to nature, its cycles, seasons and by products to enhance the work and foster a level of communication that we have very much lost in our modern trappings of technology, city and urban sprawl.

Part 2: Grimoire of the Welsh Marches sparks a newfound purpose to infuse within the reader’s practice. The rituals and spells are complex in their simplicity and inspire new ways of approaching the intentions of magickal practice. Some of the practices may be those that modern practitioners may shy away from, particularly casting and lifting curses. There is a lengthy chapter dedicated to this type of magick and gives due consideration to the manner in which a curse is constructed and the ethics involved in exacting this type of work. Chapter 16: Elixers of Love is another area that may not appeal to everyone’s sense of mores. Nonetheless, these were very common practices in the ancient times as well as now, perhaps with slightly different monikers.

Would I Recommend:

Witches, Druids and Sin Eaters: The Common Magic of the Cunning Folk of the Welsh Marches by Jon Hughes and Sophie Gallagher is not an easy read in the context of being a title that is expected to offer up the “taken out of full context” ritual or working. However, for those who are drawn to the historical approach to their chosen craft workings, this is exactly the format of book that should be used as resource and possibly grimoire for those practices that call to you.

About the Author:

Jon G. Hughes is part of a lineage of Druids that has been practicing for five generations in a remote area of Wales. The director of the Irish Centre for Druidic Practices and the author of several books, including The Druidic Art of Divination, he teaches workshops throughout Europe. He lives in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland.

Sophie Gallagher is a witchcraft researcher steeped in the ways of the ancient Witches of the Welsh Marches. Raised in rural Wales, in the very center of the Welsh Marches, she now lives in Devon, England, close to the ancient moors of Dartmoor.


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