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Stay in Your Magic, Keep in Your Power an Excerpt from “Happy Witch” by Mandi Em

Stay in Your Magic, Keep in Your Power

(Excerpted from “Happy Witch” by Mandi Em)


Magic can help you feel powerful, but there can be a big difference between the way you feel post-ritual and the way you feel as you’re going through your mundane life. The feeling of connectedness and otherworldly magic can get lost in the shuffle sometimes when the day-to-day chaos starts piling up, leaving you feeling zapped and depleted.

No more!

Cultivating a magical life can be the antidote to feeling pressed by the mundane and disconnected from your power. This is the big secret of the craft: It allows you to keep perspective of the fact that you are infinitely more powerful than you are led to believe, through mindset, will, and intentionally choosing your healing and happiness over and over again. Although adult human life can feel dreadfully confusing and lonely, for the witch this solitude is a blessing—an opportunity for you to work on your growth and step into your power.

There are always going to be things that come along and trip you up on the route to happiness. It is your job to make calming the chaos just as important a part of your priority list as any other mundane task. Joy isn’t the prize that comes from everything going right in your life; it is something that you need to make space for and cultivate yourself, even when it feels impossible (especially then!). Humans naturally want to be in a state of happiness and ease, and by shifting your mindset and prioritizing your wellness you will find yourself closer to that goal. Sometimes it’s just as simple as not dwelling on the madness playing out around you, instead turning your attention to your visualizations and your hopes and reminding yourself of your personal power.

Although witchcraft has no rules, and your spiritual practices are likely to ebb and flow through time, there is big healing power in remaining tapped in to your mystical side as a way of self-care. The feelings of empowerment that magic gives you can be a useful tool for getting through life, making strengthening these connections a worthy priority in times of overwhelm. It doesn’t take much to nurture this connection, either. Sometimes all it takes is some intention setting, some challenging of limiting beliefs, and a relentless commitment to realigning your vibe.

There is so much more to life than this mundane chaos. Make an intentional choice to stay in your power, remind yourself of it, and fully own the implications. You are magic, and your life is the spell you are casting on the world! Make every day drip with enchantment, and lean into your magic as a source of light to illuminate the path forward.

You are not meant to simply be alive; you are meant to truly thrive! You are an infinitely powerful and magical creature— don’t ever underestimate your ability to shift, to overcome, and to build a juicy-delicious life filled with empowered, connected joy.


A Mirror Dedication Ritual

The following ritual is a simple one, using just a mirror and your favorite scents and sounds to realign and make a commitment to yourself to stay in your magic.

    1. Light some candles and put on some soothing instrumental music.
    2. Get cozy with a mirror that is large enough to see your face and to place both your hands on.
    3. Cleanse yourself and your mirror, and ground your energy by deep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth as you imagine that you are pulling calming, centered energy up through your feet and exhaling any stress or anxious BS through your mouth.
    4. Place both hands on the mirror so you are essentially holding hands with your reflection. Gaze into your own eyes and state out loud your commitment to yourself and your magic. It can be really meaningful to make up your commitment wording based on your own particular beliefs and hang-ups when it comes to your own mysticism, but an example would be: “I choose to see your magic and to support your growth as a magical being. I release any hang-ups and limitations that are standing in the way of becoming the spiritually empowered witch that I am meant to be. I commit to my magic and to stepping fully into my power.”
    5. Keep gazing into your eyes and repeating your commitment until you begin feeling strong in your conviction and a little bit excited (it should feel like a “buzzing” sensation in your body). Once this happens, state your commitment once more.
    6. Blow out your candles, and rest. If anything came up that you need to work through in order to release it, have a little freewriting session in your journal.


Excerpted from HAPPY WITCH by Mandi EmCopyright © 2022 by Amanda MacLean. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.