Book Review – Where Fairies Meet by Daniela Simina

Book Review

Where Fairies Meet

By Daniela Simina

Publisher: Moon Books

96 Pages

Release Date: June 1, 2023




Are Fairies real or just traveling mythological stories that mirror the cultural and religious beliefs present at their time? In this delightful and short read, Daniela Simina shares historical Romanian and Irish Fairielore, while allowing the space and pondering for the reader to decide for themselves where the evidence leads. Although stories are shaped by society and the stories evolve according to translation, the numerous accounts of Fairie encounters over human history makes one wonder how these stories have stood the test of time and continue to emerge even now in our culture today. Are people actually having Fairie visitations or is this a byproduct of the power of our beliefs impacting our perception and experiences? Daniela Simina leads each reader to ultimately decide.

The joy of reading this book brought back a childlike innocence and curiosity with its stories. Whether enticing fear to aid one in being respectful or inspiring thoughtful reverence and connection towards Nature and all of nature’s life forms, this book had me joyously reflecting on my own experiences throughout my life with a gentle and playful curiosity. I imagined putting my Fairie dress and flower crown on, going into the forest, dancing and singing songs to the Fairies, leaving treats as offerings, and thanking them for their continued dedication and devotion as they protect our beloved and sacred Earth. I also became aware of the gratitude in my heart for the Irish and Romanian heritages that continue to contribute to the preservation of these stories. I feel they add a rich texture to our human experiences and support us in expanding our views past the mundane and ordinary into the hidden, mysterious, and extraordinary.

About the Author

Daniela Simina grew up with a Fairie Grandmother who planted the seed at an early age within her own heart. Her love and devotion as well as her curiosity grew to research and study Romanian and Irish Fairylore helping preserve these longstanding lineages. Daniela is an author, teacher, healer, and Fairie wise medicine woman.

While reading Where Fairies Meet I felt Daniela Simina’s Fairie Spirit holding the sacred space for these Elemental Beings with the utmost care and respect. She left much comprehension and imagination to the reader in making their own determinations of whether or not these historical accounts are true, which I respect immensely. She shared unbiased, openly, and historically. I felt a tingle of Fairie surprise as I closed the book as if I now know of a bridge that connects the world of the Fairies with the world of the humans. I held a mischievous grin as if I knew now a secret. I walked into my day a little differently and with a lot more reverence.


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About the Author:

Nicole Lynn is a Forest Faerie at heart, an Intuitive Counselor, and Soul Writer devoted to the Soul embodiment on the planet. Nicole’s recent voyage has been a 7 year journey with the Fungi Queendom that lead her to making the Mushroom Medicine Oracle deck. As an energetic sensitive Being, Nicole Lynn emphasizes the energetic exchanges of vibrational frequency as being our most potent and powerful form of medicine we can utilize. She is a facilitator of Higher Consciousness Embodiment at FLOE; Facilitating Love On Earth, a business she created back in 2011. She continues to support people in their own Soul embodiment and Divine expression.

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