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Weyland’s Whey – That Old Familiar Feeling

Count Them Blessings


I got COVID.  She didn’t. 


Are we old?  Not yet!


We love our fur kids!


Our dog’s name is Delinquent….


.she livers up to it.


Delinquent barks at everything.  One night she warned us

of an intruder at our door.


Coffee is awesome! 


Wicca is a great comfort. 



About the Author:

Weyland Smith is an eclectic solitaire wytch.  He lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend Sparkle, their two feline familiars and a dog named Delinquent.  Weyland’s interests include writing, crystals and web weaving.  Wey is also a firm believer in reincarnation—in a previous life he was a village idiot.