Book Review – Herbana Witch: A Year in the Forest by Cecilia Lattari

Book Review

Herbana Witch:
A Year in the Forest

by Cecilia Lattari

Publisher: Red Wheel

144 Pages

Release Date: September 11, 2023




“The Herbana witch is a green witch who uses the power of nature and the wisdom of the forest and who has a deep understanding of herbs, barks, mushrooms, roots, flowers and woodland plants.” — Amazon

“She is an earth witch, just as the wise women of the past were.”C. Lattari

“She keeps jars full of harvested and dried herbs in an ever-plentiful pantry, including coffee beans ready to be ground and sunflower seeds for bread dough in the spring.” — C. Lattari

Winter is meant to cover the time from 21 st December through 20th March. You are greeted by a lovely illustration of fungi covered tree stump. This follows with wisdom covering bark and the forest in Winter including Winter Trees and Plants: Oak, Juniper, Holly, Fir and Mistletoe. A secret seasonal recipe for acorn bread in included. Followed by indoor activities that include making a respiratory balm, winter incense, natural candles, snow oil, and pine-cone syrup. Next a Winter animal guide of the wolf is discussed followed by a seasonal message of rest.

Spring is meant to cover the time from 21 st March through 20th June. The following page greets you with a beautiful illustration of the sun, moon, planets, markers for the quarters and cross quarters and a sprouting seed. Wisdom of the sprout is discussed followed by the forest in the Spring including the trees and plants of spring: Apple tree, Violet, Nettle, Primrose and Birch. The secret recipe is for a bread with sprouts and seeds. Spring activities include Contacting the Fairies, Scented Pillows, Flower-Petal Teas, Magical cleaning, and Plant jewelry. Hare wisdom is shared for Spring wisdom, as is the seasonal message to Hear.

Summer covers the time from 21st June through 20th September. I do not think I can adequately describe the illustration of the sun and blossoming fruit on the next page. The artwork is unique, but beautifully conveys the message of full Summer Sun and ripe orchards. I highly recommend spending some time reflecting on this art. Wisdom of the Fruit is described in the next pages followed by the Forest in Summer. Summer trees and plants discussed are St. John’s Wort, Yarrow, Marigold, Helichrysum, and Jasmine. The secret recipe is Honey Bread. Summer activities include creatine macerated oil, flower vinegar, natural soap, watercolors and plant based dyes, and a set of runes with river stones. Wisdom of the lizard is shared on the next pages followed by the seasonal message of nurture.

Autumn covers the time from 21st September through 20th December. A lovely depiction of the Universe and plant root system is found on the next page along with the wisdom of Root. The wisdom of the forest in Autumn is followed by discussing Autumn Trees and Plants: Dog Rose, Elderberry, Chestnut, Service Tree, and Comfrey. The secret recipe is for chestnut flour bread. Autumn activities include making Honey Syrup, plant based inks, preserving herbs, kefir, and sourdough. Wisdom of the fox is followed by the Fall message of Collect.

Herbana Witch is a beautiful book for anyone who wishes to explore, begin or deepen their relationship with nature, woods, herbs, and kitchen witchery. The artwork within these pages will keep you going back to meditate with or just discover a new piece of the picture you had not noticed before. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves kitchen witchery, green witchcraft or wants to begin to merge their craft with homesteading and natural skills.

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About the Author 

Cecilia Lattari has degrees in both Theater and Herbalist Techniques. She is a life coach and relationship counselor, using theatrical practices and sensorial experiences in the world of plants to encourage people to explore their most authentic selves. She is also the author of Backyard Witchcraft and Modern Goddess Tarot.



Herbana Witch: A Year in the Forest



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