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    Planning with Avalon Video

    Sabbat: Midsummer Planning with Avalon Sol the Sun God is at the height of his virility. The Goddess is now full and pregnant with child. This is the peak of the Solar year and the Sun is at the height of its life-giving power. The Earth is awash with fertility and fulfillment and this is a time of joy and celebration. As the light reaches its peak so this is also the moment when the power of the Sun begins to wane. From now the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer and we are drawn back into the dark to complete the Wheel of the Year. The Oak…

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    Planner Magic

    Planner Dice This month’s Planner Magic is a set of Planner Dice made from your planner stickers. Use your dice to choose a new activity every day, make decisions, and discover your fortune.     *** About the Author: Kristen Allison is a divination junkie, oracle deck creator, & cartomancy instructor. She created Over The Moon Academy to teach art-meets-oracle classes blending divination with her own unique brand of creativity. Academy: https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otm_academy/ Website: https://overthemoonmagic.weebly.com Kristen ~ Over the Moon Oracle Cards Enroll in one of my classes: https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otm_academy/

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    This Month’s Freebie from Shirley Lenhard

    Advice from a Tree Freebie from Shirley Lenhard     This month’s downloadable freebie is brought to you by the talented Shirley Lenhard who shares her Pagan themed planner stickers in her group the Pagan Plannertarium. The Pagan Plannertarium is a beautifully created home for FREE Pagan Themed planner stickers for anyone who answers the membership questions and gains entry into the group. I spend a lot of time looking around for stickers that I would use in my Book of Shadows and my daily planner but I don’t really want to spent an arm and a leg on etsy shop layouts that don’t really work for me. So I…