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Sabbat: Midsummer Planning with Avalon

Sol the Sun God is at the height of his virility. The Goddess is now full and pregnant with child.

This is the peak of the Solar year and the Sun is at the height of its life-giving power. The Earth is awash with fertility and fulfillment and this is a time of joy and celebration.

As the light reaches its peak so this is also the moment when the power of the Sun begins to wane. From now the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer and we are drawn back into the dark to complete the Wheel of the Year.

The Oak King’s supremacy reaches its Zenith at Midsummer, when the oaks will be in full leaf again but he too surrenders his reign to his twin brother, The Holly King and the descent begins.

Keeping a Grimoire or ceremonial journal is an exquisite way to honour The Pagan Path.

I invite you to see how my journey has evolved by keeping a Pagan Planner.

Here is an introduction into my planner and a glance at preplanning for the Midsummer Sabbat



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About the Author:

As a child Avalon was very aware of other dimensions of realities, seeing Spirits, having vivid dreams, given messages, warnings, promptings. Very intuitive and it all felt very natural and normal to her.

Raised in the UK, she lived in England, Ireland and Scotland and traveled to Wales on many occasions. Her family were extremists in their Religious beliefs and she was introduced to her husband to be when she was merely 15. Avalon not wanting to disappoint family remained in that faith until she requested excommunication at age 25.

In June 2015 Avalon had an awakening experience that forever changed her.. all the psychic gifts that had been put aside as she dealt with the stresses and strains of ‘real life’ came back with greater intensity. She had a thirst for knowledge like never before. Anything to do with the metaphysical and she would drink it in and study for hours and hours. Crystals, Chakra’s, meditation, theories on the multiverse, time, time lines, energy.

During this time she connected with some of the Mabigonian Deities, In particular Blodeuwedd. This path came to her, rather than her seeking it, but as she studied she began to understand that her experiences were very much a Pagan path.

Avalon practices as a Solitary Witch and is an active advocate of the Pagan Path and the rising of the Divine Feminine and Goddess within.

Creator and co owner of Aurora and Avalon Creations a Pagan based planner shop.

Avalon can be contacted at

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