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Book Review – I Kissed a Ghost (and I liked it): A Jersey Girl’s Reality Show . . . with Dead People (For Fans of Do Dead People Watch You Shower or Inside the Other Side) by Concetta Bertoldi

Book Review

I Kissed a Ghost (and I liked it)

A Jersey Girl’s Reality Show . . . with Dead People (For Fans of Do Dead People Watch You Shower or Inside the Other Side)

by Concetta Bertoldi

200 Pages



I Kissed a Ghost (and I liked it), was the first time I, personally, have read a book written by Concetta Bertoldi. She has a very positive following and those that have interactions with her (live people interactions!), seem to adore her. I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I chose this book for review.

The way Concetta introduces herself and shares bits of childhood through adult life, it is more like meeting up with someone and chit chatting over a coffee. It is very easy dialogue, with short examples that are relatable to most people. I like that she does not start off by introducing herself as a celebrity, and she doesn’t come off as superior. By sharing things like a break up with your first love, to poor adult decisions, Concetta is making you comfortable with her, which draws you to “continue the conversation”, (or in this case, continue with her book.)

At one point very early on, Concetta made it a point to advise the reader that she is “a very big fan of God.” This statement confused me personally, and it even caused me to pause in moving forward reading this book. I couldn’t really put my thumb on it, but if I had to guess, I would say that I couldn’t wrap my head around a person “really into God” writing a book about seeing, feeling, and communicating with the Dead. I think I was afraid to be disappointed. I am really glad that I picked this back up. I was pleasantly surprised.

Concetta takes you through many of her journeys, and gives an easy to absorb education on things like past lives, forgiveness after death, and acceptance of mistakes throughout your life, and moving forward. She gets on a very friend-like channel with the people she is reading for, as this book is full of those stories-and people open up to her about things they may have not told another person EVER. I like that she uses short stories of her life as her lessons to the reader about what she does, what happens after death and how she is able to communicate with the other side. Again, it is like having a conversation with a friend versus a text book. The lessons are all there though, and because of the writing style, it makes it very easy to retain.

However, if you are the kind of person who is looking for action, suspense or a “how to’”, this is not the right read for you. It will be too low key and easy, it is not challenging. It is not a traditional guide on how to communicate with the dead. It is unique and suggestive, as well as supportive and encouraging. She uses her many “stories” of her own experiences to help open the reader up to her belief, that “everyone has the ability to communicate with the dead. “It is up to the reader to decide on how and if they pursue this journey. If they do decide to journey down this road, in my opinion, Concetta’s way of assisting you is a great tool to use.


I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It): A Jersey Girl’s Reality Show . . . with Dead People (For Fans of Do Dead People Watch You Shower or Inside the Other Side) on Amazon


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